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Scott Fitzgerald arrested after rehab, displays worrying behaviour

British super-welterweight champion Scott Fitzgerald has been arrested after returning home from a London stint in rehab.

The Preston man, who defeated Anthony Fowler in a UK grudge match in Liverpool last year, has been wrestling with demons ever since then.

Now, fans are beginning to worry about Fitzgerald’s mental state following a serious of social media posts and a live radio interview.

It was followed up by 24 hours in a police cell for Fitzgerald who it is reported was involved in an incident where his girlfriend was left injured.

Scott Fitzgerald behavior

Upon leaving custody, Fitzgerald confirmed the news.

“Ta f—ing da to the police station. Twenty four hours in a cell. That’s some heavy s—. Anyway, I’m back out,” said Fitzgerald.

“Yesterday, I was arrested after a kick off with my ex-partner and her family,” he added.

Prior to his brush with the law, the ‘Mad Man’ had been on a social media rampage on both Twitter and Instagram.

Much of it did not make any sense to worried fans of Fitzgerald.

“I got a lot off my chest with this one, talking about my mind that is a very fruity place but feeling my mindset is in the best place ever been and I’m going to take over the game cha f— them all!”

“If I am going to do it early I might as well do it proper early hahahhahaha Eyes First week in the London, I swear I’ll not bloody budge on newt if you can’t sort it by Monday tea time it’s over between me and you ok? @EddieHearn hope you don’t cry about this one IM MESSING O K?”

In London to get himself together, Fitzgerald appeared on talkSPORT in a live broadcast and cause more of a stir.

Instagram rant

On Instagram, Fitzgerald wrote: “Don’t look back we ain’t going that way! About to smash up the whole division. Thanks to Eddie’s cousin Paul and his family for letting me stay in their basement!

“And to @eddiehearn himself who is really looking after me, ordering me a Dyson hoover tonight and a tempura mattress. I will be sleeping good for sure.

“Before I came to London, I went and saw everyone I had to, my last stop was in Liverpool to see NARCO JOE started as a sponsor but ended up my good mate, he must of because I’ve give him more money than he’s bloody given me.

“I’m loving life in London rocking the clobber. The gear is top class and that’s the only gear round here cha [sic]. Meet my dog quick time, his names BLUE he’s the son of the big naughty boy!

“He loves it in London also, going to end up with a full-on cockney dog by the looks of things.

“Last but not least, wouldn’t believe it, guys. I’ve been on the phone with Tyson Fury, you know, Our Ty. He’s told me I can go to all his training camps with him, so I’m over the moon.

“If anyone wants to sponsor me and help me fund getting over there for now then please get in touch, I’m ready to be really well behaved.”


On his rehab, he added: “Weeks since I walked in the doors of #sportingchancerehabtonyadamsgaff in the Bournemouth and I’m in fair good shape.

“I’m wondering what’s going into these smoothies I’ve been having tell #vada I need checking out soon as no bother, I mean look at me, big heavy set pitbull!

“I’m living really well for the first time in my life. Becoming more happier in my own head every day, if you weigh 11 stone in this boxing then I hope your shitting your little panties because I’m going to Wap anyone out there about and become a #worldchampion.

“I’m missing Preston AND MAINLY MY BABY BOY ARCHIE. He is the Bonniest boy in the world. I’ve never missed ewt [sic] like it.

“But time will pass. I’m happier than ever before, I swear it.”

Amazingly, Fitzgerald then picked a fight with UFC star Darren Till.

Worried boxing supporters have since urged Fitzgerald to seek further help in his ongoing battle.

One comment said: “You need to really sort your life out, pal. Screw the head-on, make amends with everyone you have wronged, move in completely different circles, and THEN do Fowler again in the rematch.

“Otherwise, it’s an enormous waste of talent and so sad to see.”


Hopefully, promoter Hearn can put an arm around Fitzgerald as the Lonsdale Belt holder is clearly finding it difficult to self-isolate curing the coronavirus crisis.

Non-essential travel is currently out-of-bounds for anyone and Fitzgerald obviously needs a nudge to confirm in these worrying times.

In terms of his arrest, Fitzgerald could be in hot water if accusations made by his girlfriend’s grandmother are true.