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Home » Never discount Deontay Wilder threat despite Tyson Fury odds

Never discount Deontay Wilder threat despite Tyson Fury odds

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WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is a huge favorite to defeat former belt holder Deontay Wilder when the pair collide against towards the end of 2020.

Fury displayed all his attributes for all to see when out-weighing Wilder massively in February and scoring a beatdown victory.

The Las Vegas triumph has since led to odds of 2/7 on for Fury to repeat the feat. Looking at the odds, you’d be hard-pressed to see how Wilder has a chance in the fight.

But taking a leaf out of the others, you can look deeper between the lines to see the value Wilder holds.

Obviously, Wilder has the equalizer punch, but Fury is so wary after that twelfth round blast in the first meeting, it could prove an impossible task for the American to land clean.

‘The Bronze Bomber’ will have to get smarter than just waiting for his opening, especially against somebody as cute as Fury.

Judging by his pre-fight comments, Wilder had only one plan and no plan B.

Fury vs Wilder 3 odds

He said: “Anything that Fury is saying he’s going to do, I really don’t care at all. I’m just waiting on that date to come around. I’m just so ready.

“I don’t care what he weighs in at, I just want him to be the best Fury that he could be. If that weight suits him and he’s comfortable with it, then hey, come on with it whatever he’s saying he wants to do, come on with it. This is what it’s all about.

“I want him to be the best shape, I want him to be comfortable with his weight. I want him to be physically and mentally ready for the best fight of his life because he’s definitely in for a great fight come February 22.


“Now, I just don’t want any excuses. I don’t make excuses. I’m not planning on making any. I’ll give my best when I go in there. I expect the same thing from him. I don’t want excuses.”

That plan by Fury to come in at a heavier weight worked a treat, and Wilder just wasn’t as ready as he though.

Those excuses Wilder spoke of never came from the Fury side.

Something has to give in the third fight, whether that saga-ending takes place in October, as reported, or not.

Co-manager Shelly Finkel told WBN that mark in the calendar is not set in stone. Therefore, we all await the final decision once the current climate stabilizes.