Floyd Mayweather advisor Canelo fact makes 2013 win even more special

Floyd Mayweather advisor Leonard Ellerbe has revealed a startling fact regarding the former pound for pound king’s 2013 battle with current planet ruler Canelo.

Dubbed ‘The One’ in 2013, an aging 36-year-old Mayweather took on a younger whipper-snapper in Canelo at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Despite his tender years, Canelo had amassed an amazing record of 42-0-1. At the time, he was the unified super-welterweight champion at just 23.

Mayweather had no problems signing off on a deal for what was his fourth bout of a six-fight contract with Showtime Sports.

At 44-0 himself, the Las Vegas contest was seen as the alternative to fans actually getting to see Mayweather taking on Manny Pacquiao.

Around the 147 to 154 weight classes, the top four fighters at that time were Mayweather, Juan Manuel Marquez, Pacquiao and Canelo himself. This made the collision all the more interesting by adding in the changing of the guard angle.

To make things more even, weight-wise, Mayweather was originally expected to give tight 154-pounder Canelo a hard time by asking for a weight maximum limit of 150 pounds.

Not so, as Ellerbe picks up the story. The Mayweather Promotions CEO states Floyd was more than happy to give Canelo an extra couple of pounds. This was in order to fully prove his point to the up and comer.

Ellerbe stated Floyd’s decision meant the differential on fight night was almost a whopping twenty pounds.

“Prior to (the Canelo fight) he suggested to media he would be willing to fight at 50. We made it at 52. (Canelo then) Outweighed him (by) 19lbs night of (the fight),” said Ellerbe.

Mayweather did indeed scale just over 150 pounds himself, definitely at a push. The second-highest of his career.


What unfolded just a day later was nothing short of remarkable when you see what Canelo has gone on to accomplish.

Even with the most shocking judges scorecard of all time courtesy of CJ Ross, Floyd did more than enough to put the Mexican superstar in his place.

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WBN, scoring live on the night, could even give Canelo a single round. Such was the domination on display by the ‘Money’ Man.

At his majestic best, Mayweather was always untouchable. And given Ellerbe’s fact on the matter, the victory was all the more impressive.

The fight would have been impossible to make in this day and age given the weight Canelo currently operates. Therefore, 2013 was the perfect time for all concerned.

Canelo clearly learned a lot from the experience, even by his presence outside of the ring, to this day.

Now a four-weight ruler and with belts banked at 154, 160, 168 and 175, Canelo is today’s version of what Mayweather was for so many years.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay