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Oleksandr Khyzhniak named AIBA Athlete’s Commission Chairman

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World Champion from Ukraine Olexandr Khyzhniak was elected AIBA Athlete’s commission chair, European champion from Italy Irma Testa became the vice-chair.

AIBA Executive Committee on its last meeting approved candidacies and welcomed Khyzhniak and Testa as a new member of the EC with voting rights. They will take part in their first EC conference-call on March 28th.

“It is a great honor to become a Member of the AIBA Executive Committee for the first time in history as one of the athlete representatives. I take this responsibility seriously and intend to ensure constant incorporation of interests of boxers into the strategic and administrative decision-making processes of AIBA.

I have set a number of priority tasks for my new role, such as the early approval of the AIBA Calendar for the coming years, including the qualification system for the 2024 Olympics. I also find it important to get more detailed clarification of the criteria used by judges to score rounds,” said Oleksandr Khyzhniak.