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Heavyweight boxer sends virus warning from quarantine

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Heavyweight Travis Kauffman has posted a video of his current plight as the Al Haymon puncher fights the deadly COVID-19 virus.

Kauffman, who was due to fight in April, said he wasn’t taking the threat seriously. He believed it was just like the flu, until being struck down.

Now at home under quarantine, Kauffman states he has good days and bad as he battles the infection in Pennsylvania.

The United States now has the most cases of the disease in the world as President Trump continues to flounder with a solid response.

After revealing his diagnosis on Thursday, which WBN reported first, Kauffman said he was overwhelmed by the response of friends and fans.

Travis Kauffman

“I’m extremely thankful and overwhelmed by all the messages and calls I got of people being concerned for me. There have been many times I felt people only cared for me when I was in the ring boxing. So this means more to me then you’ll ever know,” pointed out Kauffman.

“I will not be able to read and open up every message. But just know I thank every single one of you. Especially those that dropped stuff off at my house.

“I’m truly in shock but it shows there are a bunch of great people in the world still. Just when I lost faith in humanity you guys showed me don’t do that just yet… Thank you all.”


On potentially tracing his steps to where he may have contracted the coronavirus, Kauffman was at a loss.

“Nobody knows exactly where they got contaminated with coronavirus,” he said. “Before I started feeling sick I was around a bunch of people.

“Stay home it’s the best way to stop spreading it, even if you don’t have symptoms you can still spread it,” added the 34-year-old.

Once sharing the ring with the likes of Luis Ortiz and Chris Arreola, Kauffman was ranked by the WBC at the highest point of his career.

Two fights away from a crack at Deontay Wilder in 2017, Kauffman lost to Ortiz and missed his chance. His record stands at 32-3.