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Are the best boxers always the ones we remember?

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Are the best boxers the ones we remember, or do we remember the most entertaining personalities in boxing easier? Join the debate here.

It would make sense that the best boxers with championship belts would be the ones we remember the most. But is there a case that the best boxers are not the names that stick in peoples’ minds, but rather, the most entertaining ones do.

The moment the two fighters step into the ring is the moment every boxing fan waits for, but that moment is only made more special by what comes before. Press conferences where the two boxers showcase their personality and stir up the tension can be more entertaining than the fight itself.


Of course, great boxers can also be the ones with the most entertainment value. Just watch Mohammad Ali rap in a press conference, Conor McGregor steals Mayweather’s belts on stage, or Tyson Fury asks Wilder ‘have a tickle’ during his pre-fight press conference. These boxers become remembered for moments outside the right just as much in it and land them more media interviews, sponsorship deals or even knock-out casino slot games made in their name.

Research by the Fury Camp

Before Tyson Fury fought Deontay Wilder for the first time, the Fury Team wandered the streets of Los Angeles to ask members of the general public who Deontay Wilder. At the time, Wilder was the heavyweight champion of the world and Fury was fighting him to try and take his belt. Most of the general public did not know who Wilder was.

The reason for this is said to be because Deontay Wilder – although interesting – does not have a big personality; like some of the heavyweight champions of the past. Yet, others say that the American population have become disconnected with the heavyweight division because there are no big personalities in it.

It would be hard to argue that Tyson Fury is not one of the most colourful characters in the sport right now and he had been out of the ring for an extended period during Wilder’s surge to greatness. Maybe it is a sign that interest in this area of boxing will peak again.

Staying in the Spotlight

It is also easier to remember exceptional boxers who have remained in the media’s gaze for good and negative reasons. Some boxers have incredible records but then retire and keep away from the sport. Others retire and then work as boxing pundits and can be seen ringside at every Las Vegas main event.


If a famous boxer stays in the spotlight, it is much easier for the general public to remember them. Some fighters are formidable but then continue their careers in other areas by running business and selling products. One of the most notable is George Foreman, who went on to sell his grilling machine that is still popular in kitchens across the globe.