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Tyson Fury switches training to home for Deontay Wilder trilogy

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Tyson Fury didn’t seem to be too bothered about accusations labeled against him in the UK media as the WBC heavyweight champion addressed the UK nation.

Fury has taken measures to train at home in a bid to stay fit for a potential Deontay Wilder trilogy fight this summer.

Not officially announced yet, Fury has a contract in place to face the man he defeated in seven rounds on February 22nd.

The coronavirus outbreak has been the world in an uncertain place. Although Fury and Wilder will meet next once it’s all under a certain level of control.

During his advice, Fury mentioned Boris Johnson’s UK lockdown as he continued early preparations for Wilder.

Tyson Fury advice

“I would just like to say that I hope everybody is keeping well and staying safe and staying indoors. Not going out because of the virus,” said Fury.

“After listening to what the Prime Minister said, I’ve taken it deadly seriously. As should you.

“Let’s fight this virus together as a nation. As a family, and as a team. Do the best to help others not get the virus.

“Stay indoors. It’s very, very important, listen to Boris and stay indoors.”

On his fitness plan, Fury added: “I’ve got a running machine, weights, a few free weights.

“I’m going to keep fit. I’ll post daily videos of myself training and working out to keep you going and to keep me going.

“Everybody knows without the gym I’m finished. God bless, stay safe and stay indoors.”

Virtual shutdown

The UK is on a virtual lockdown for the next three weeks as the disease begins to creep towards a peak. That’s expected to happen in two weeks and last around another ten to fourteen days after that.

Therefore, the shutdown is almost certainly going to be extended for at least another week, possibly a few more.

Wuhan, where the virus originated, is slowly beginning to release its tougher measures after locking down the whole city on January 23rd.

This means Fury actually getting in the ring with Wilder in July would likely be impossible as the whole world tries to get back to normal.

As things currently stand, the last three months of the year are a feasible target in order for promotion and media tours to take place.