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Peter McDonagh calls for ‘complete shutdown’ after virus battle

Former boxer and now podcast host Peter McDonagh has revealed he’s battling coronavirus just a year after going through hell with a brain tumor.

Irishman McDonagh posted an update on his situation over the weekend after stating COVID-19 has ‘knocked him for six’.

It was only last year when McDonagh, 42, underwent brain surgery on a tumor, which puts him at a higher risk than the rest of the people in his age bracket.

Peter McDonagh

Opening up on his struggle, McDonagh said: “The country needs to come to a complete shutdown. Trust me, I’ve got this virus.

“I p—-ed a brain tumor a year ago this has knocked me for six. I’ve been in bed for over a week.

“I can see why older people are dying. Lock everyone down or is money more important than life to some people?”

He added: “Boris Johnson has got a big head has he got a brain. Close the country down, you fool.

“(The) Country is full of greed and people would rather die on a job getting money. You hungry no good people.”

On top of fighting a brain tumor in 2019, McDonagh also lost his brother and has tried to find positives moving forward.

Beginning his own ‘Journeyman’ podcast was one of those bright spots and has helped McDonagh stay focused.


This latest turn of events has caused McDonagh to join thousands of others in criticizing those that attempt to continue daily life and choose not to self-isolate.

If this doesn’t become the norm for everyone, it could be a long and boxing-free summer for everyone as the UK and surrounding areas struggle to cope.

A two-week period of increasing cases and deaths is expected as the UK is just over a week away from where Italy is at the moment.

Over the last 48 hours alone, Italy has reported over 1400 deaths from coronavirus.

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