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What chance do we have of seeing fights this year?

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World Boxing News took coronavirus or COVID-19 very seriously from the off and knew almost immediately that life would not be continuing on as usual.

Once the massive Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder rematch was out of the way and the situation intensified elsewhere, it was pretty clear the UK and US boxing fans were going to be hit hard.

Predictions initially of a certain three-month period of no fight events was then predicted. Now, doctors have a stark warning for those who believe a level of normality will follow.

There are essentially three ways out of this self-isolation and quelling of the spread – but that takes time.

The first and fastest way would be to find a VACCINE. Scientists have already given what would be an eventual solution a timespan of twelve to eighteen months. That’s a minimum.

NATURAL IMMUNITY to the disease comes next. Something top professors have stated could begin to have an effect in around two years.

The ‘herd immunity’ comes with dark days before then. Times we are currently attempting to put on hold by self-isolating ourselves and having minimum human contact outside our homes.

A third option is to CONTINUE AS WE ARE for the longer term. Completely change our behavior to the point where most of the measures we have in place right now are extended.

Boxing and Covid

Lennox Lewis coronavirus

Two of those options mean no boxing for at least a year. The other would have a devastating effect on any country which applies them.

Doctors would be working flat out to save lives for months and months to come, leaving the sport we love remaining on the shelf.

If no medical protection is available, there simply is no boxing.

There’s nothing to say we couldn’t all go back to our daily lives in say six to nine months and try somehow to bolster the health services to those who need them most.

But boxing would be a secondary thought for those involved in the care of patients suffering from coronavirus.

Also, more people will die a lot quicker than if we all kept the current climate. And how business and the economy would be able to stay afloat is anyone’s guess during that time.

As things stand, talk of any boxing taking place in the next six months seems pretty premature. It could be more like a year until governments relax their stance fully.

Social media groups have called for those who have health issues or are over 70 to be the only ones in self-isolation as everybody else continues on with life, although the selfishness of that theory takes away the human element of our very make-up.

Vaccination could be the only chance we have to gather some sort of control over this disease in what would be called the short-term. But even then, a year of isolation won’t do anybody any good in the longer-term.

Uncertain times, indeed.

The chances of seeing boxing in 2020 are not looking good unless social distancing rules are fully observed.