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Home » ‘Retiring’ Tyson Fury could fight Deontay Wilder four times

‘Retiring’ Tyson Fury could fight Deontay Wilder four times

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Top Rank supremo and Bob Arum’s right-hand man, Todd DuBoef says talk of Tyson Fury retiring is not necessarily how things will play out.

Fury, who defeated Deontay Wilder last month in superb fashion, is contracted for at least one more battle with the American.

After that, and with only one fight remaining on his Top Rank contract post-Wilder trilogy, Fury has been quoted as stating he could bow out against Anthony Joshua.

But this may not be the endgame blueprint for Fury, according to DuBoef.

Tyson Fury retirement

“Manny Pacquiao was retired for a while. He’s 42,” DuBoef told Reuters. “Bernard Hopkins was never coming back. Conor McGregor retired.

“We’ll see how it plays out,” he said.

On possible Wilder and Joshua extensions, DuBoef added: “He may get inspired and there could be a Wilder-Fury fourth fight.

“There could be an Anthony Joshua one, two and three fights. Who the hell knows, right?

“I’m not going to predict anything. But I’ve been in the business for a long time. I’ve seen people when they’ve thought it was time to get out, come back.”

At 31, Fury has plenty of time to capitalize on his current position at the top of the boxing tree.

Wilder and Joshua alone could net Fury nine-figures before any talk of stepping away eventually comes to fruition.

But it all depends on the fire burning inside Fury. Whether it will continue now that he’s at the summit.

The last time that happened, Fury was non-plussed and ended up spiraling out of control and giving up his belts.


Hopefully, that experience will mean fans can enjoy Fury’s performances for many more years to come as boxing needs personalities like ‘The Gypsy King’.

Outside negativity from the UK press has reared it’s ugly head again, but surely Fury is in a better place now than he was five years ago.

Fury vs Wilder III should be next, potentially around the fall due to the coronavirus pandemic. Another Wilder fight or Joshua could be on the cards for next summer.

Sandwiched in between is a battle with Dillian Whyte, provided Fury is keen on keeping the World Boxing Council title in his possession.

With every crown in boxing already banked, it’s certainly in the realms of possibility that Fury could give up the belt, rather than take a lesser-profile fight in Whyte.