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Black Mamba: What made Roger Mayweather so special?

Roger Mayweather was born April 24, 1961, and recently died March 17, 2020, after suffering for some time of diabetes.

Before his death, he was a member of the Mayweather family of boxers, which included Jeff Mayweather (Uncle), Jeff Mayweather (Uncle), and Floyd Mayweather Sr., his father.


The way Roger Mayweather fought was quite amazing. He always fought for victory and delivered. It would be difficult not to admit that he was the master of boxing.

But if you’d opt to debate, you would clearly be debating against the facts: out of 72 fights that he fought, he managed to win 59 of them and lost only 13 matches alone.

If you’d placed winning bets on him every time, you would’ve made quite a fortune because of those impressive stats.

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He was well known by his nickname Black Mamba

According to him, Black mamba was his best nickname he ever got. The name was unique and uncommon to many people all over the world. He adapted this nickname from just observing the way Black Mambas hunt. Its slow and quiet hunting skills attracted him to like that nickname. His nickname fitted him perfectly due to his fantastic fighting skills.


He was a fantastic boxing trainer

Due to his love for boxing and his strong family ties, in 1996, when Floyd Mayweather gained his momentum in boxing, Roger Mayweather left his role as a boxer and started training Floyd Mayweather, Jr. He. got a fantastic training for two good years until when Floyd Mayweather, Sr. was released from prison and continued with his work of training Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Still, before long, in 2000, Floyd Mayweather, Sr. was fired, and Black mamba was called back as a trainer.

Roger Mayweather made Floyd Mayweather a world champion.

Mayweather set an amateur record of 84 wins and six losses and won the National Golden Gloves Championship in 1993-106 pounds, 1994-114 pounds, and 1996-125 pounds.

Floyd Mayweather played his first professional game on October 11, 1996, against Roberto Apodaca, who at that time was also fighting professionally for the first time. Apodoca came out of the second round. And in 1998, Floyd Mayweather had won his first world title: WBC Junior Lightweight Championship (130 lbs) and then defeated undefeated Gernaro Hernández after eight rounds. In 2002, he moved into the lightweight division (135 pounds), fighting in 4 World Championship battles.

Floyd Mayweather then moved to the small middleweight (140 lb) in 2004, fought Southpaw DeMarcus Corley, and won by unanimous decision in his only battle for that year. On April 8, 2006, Floyd Mayweather defeated Zap Judah for the vacant IBF and IBO world weight titles by unanimous decision. He resigned from the IBF title on June 20, 2006, after much controversy. Apart from that, all the excellent work of Roger Mayweather can be reflected in the boxing career of Floyd Mayweather.

The full training and the tricks that Floyd Mayweather got from Black Mamba were enough to win as many fights as he did.If you need more information about such fights and best odds Oddspedia Boxing Odds is the best for you.


Roger Mayweather suspended for one year fined the US $200,000

On April 8, 2006, during the fight between Zab Judah and Floyd Mayweather, Jr., the name of Roger Mayweather was everywhere. Before the end of the match, Mayweather was hit by Judah with a left hand below the belt and connected with a right-handed rabbit punching. The act annoyed Roger Mayweather, and he entered the ring. He was ejected from the ring while Yoel Judah swung him out. In the end, Mayweather was announced the winner by unanimous decision. Later on, nearly a Nevada State Athletic Commission banned Roger Mayweather for one year and fined him the US $200,000.

Roger Mayweather appears in the world light-welterweight list of boxing champions

If you look for his name in chronological List of World Light Welterweight/Junior Welterweight Champions, you will find him. He is recognized by the World Boxing Council –WBC, which was founded in 1963. He was a registered member from 1987-11-12 to 1989-05-13.

During his November 28, 1986 fight with Sammy Fuentes, he won the WBC Continental lightweight title. He rested for some time, and on March 28, 1987, Mayweather lost by unanimous decision to Pernell Whitaker. Though he lost NABF lightweight title, he had knocked Whitaker in round 9.

On November 12, 1987, Mayweather fought with Rene Arredondo, and he knocked him down three times in the 6th, which gave Roger Mayweather a win by TKO. The win came shortly after moving to the Junior Welterweight-140 lb.

From there, he had to defend his title four times until he met Julio César Chávez, who was a Mexican champion on May 13, 1989. Though during that time, Mayweather was being called “the Mexican assassin,” he was defeated by Chávez. His body was severely injured, which forced him to retire.

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He held super WBA featherweight titles

During his stay in the boxing career, held the WBA super featherweight titles from the year 1983 to 1984. Later on April 5, 1990, he fought with Ildemar Paisan, and he won the famous WBA super lightweight title. But on December 7, 1991, he lost in round 9 by the knockout to Rafael Pineda while fighting for the IBF junior welterweight title.

On March 14, 1993, Livingstone Bramble was beaten by Mayweather in a WBA lightweight championship. That happened after Livingstone Bramble won twice against Ray’ Ray’ Boom Boom”. The next, on May 28, 1994, he won IBO light-welterweight title through a knockout in a fight that involved him and Eduardo Montes. Due to that fantastic winning feeling, he won by a TKO in round three in a battle against Marco Antonio Ramirez.

He conquered IBO light-welterweight titles

Apart from WBA and WBC titles, he has IBO light-welterweight title, which got in 1994. Later from 1994 to 1995, he earned IBO welterweight titles. During this time on August 4, 1994, he fought against Johnny Bizzarro won the match by unanimous decision.

That time, he was named the IBO welterweight (147 lb) win, and later in 1995, he defended this belt once. On June 25, 1995, he lost to Kostya Tszyu, who got the win by a unanimous decision in the IBF junior welterweight title.

On March 12, 1997, Mayweather got his last IBA welterweight title by beating Carlos Miranda. Later on May 8, 1999, he won by a majority decision victory against Javier Francisco Mendez. If Roger was a live and fighting today, Oddspedia Boxing Odds would give him the best odds due to his winning history.


Out of the 72 fights he was involved in throughout his life, he had 59 wins and 13 losses. He lost six matches by knockout buy won 35 contests.

Due to a unanimous decision, he lost seven fights but won 23 of them. He was never disqualified from any fight, but he won his battle against Livingstone Bramble when the corner entered the ring soon before the allowed time.

Among the people who defeated him include; Julio César Chávez, Juan Soberanes, Kostya Tszyu, Ray Lovato, Darryl Tyson, Zack Padilla, Fidel Avendano, Rafael Pineda, Pernell Whitaker, Freddie Pendleton, Tony Baltazar, and Rocky Lockridge.