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No manipulation! – Tyson Fury cornerman adamant on gloves

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Tyson Fury cornerman Jorge Capetillo has exclusively aired his views to World Boxing News on the continued allegations of a possible glove manipulation.

Fans and fellow professionals have been vocal on YouTube and social media regarding the movements of Fury’s attire for the Deontay Wilder fights, especially the first one.

WBN has followed the story closely, getting opinions from both sides on the matter. Fury himself has chosen not to give the claims the time of day.

Ex-opponent Steve Cunnigham has been highly critical, whilst another former world champion in Ishe Smith has backed Fury.

Cunningham said: “Who throws a hook like this. Slapping a hook? – Nobody. Nobody is taught to slap a hook like that. “Why is Tyson Fury throwing a hook like this? – Especially at that level of boxing.”

“Tyson Fury is literally pulling down (his glove) at some point in the fight. He’s letting his hand slip down, down to where the knuckles are not protected by any padding.

“Now you see he’s landing, in the video footage and pictures, he’s landing the shot on the chin with this (exposed) part of the glove, where there’s no padding.

“What does he get out of that? – He basically gets skin (from the face) on bone (from the knuckles) – to an extent. Just this thin layer of leather.”

In contrast, Smith suffered horrific abuse for his video.

“Crazy, just give that man his props and move on. If this was controversy was surrounding Wilder they would be saying it’s false and there is no way. I fought bare-knuckle, the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my hands.

“Barely made it out of the 3rd round. But you’re telling me he fought 12 rounds like this?

“I’m just gonna call a spade a spade here. Black fighters will do anything to discredit a white popular fighter.

“As much racism in this game that ain’t it. The glove controversy is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever f-ng seen. A heavyweight fought with a glove half on?

“Any other time boxers tell fans you don’t know s—, you never fought before. Shut the F up, one fan makes a s—– video about a glove being half on, now this guy is the savior of the sport and knows everything.

“So which is it, does the causal fan know about the sport or not?

Capetillo has now stated Fury did not and would not ever manipulate a glove. Adding that it would be impossible with Commissions supervising.

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