Tyson Fury names the hardest puncher he’s faced, it’s not Deontay Wilder

Tyson Fury

📸 Mikey Williams

Lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury believes Deontay Wilder is not the hardest punching heavyweight he’s ever shared the ring with.

‘The Gypsy King’ – who is riding the crest of a wave since returning to the spotlight in 2018, says Wladimir Klitschko hit him with more power than Wilder did.

Attributing Wilder’s ferocious knockout ratio his timing and momentum in throwing quick shots, Fury says his experience against the formidable Ukrainian was more sobering.

“I’ve felt the power (of Deontay Wilder). Ain’t so bad. Ain’t so bad,” said Fury. “He can’t be the biggest puncher in history because he couldn’t knock the Gypsy King out, could he?”

On Wilder potentially being labeled the biggest hitter of all time, as was the case before the rematch, Fury proceeded to reel off several who may have been contenders.

“I took his best shot flush on the chin and I got back up. He punches hard. But I’ve never been hit by the likes of someone like Earnie Shavers. I didn’t get hit by George Foreman and I didn’t get hit by Rocky Marciano or any of those top guys. I didn’t get hit by them, so I can’t comment.

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Deontay Wilder punch Tyson Fury
📸 Esther Lin

“So to say it’s the biggest punch in history, I’m not really sure because I didn’t get hit by all the guys in history.

“But, you know, I don’t think he punches harder than Wladimir Klitschko. Wladimir has a massive knockout punch and won a lot more fights than Wilder has.

“Make no mistake, all heavyweights punch hard and we can all knock anybody out.

“Wilder, I don’t think it’s so much his power. It’s the speed it lands at, which can be tricky when you don’t see it coming. But then again, even a guy who’s got no knockout ratio, if he hits you and you don’t see it coming, then he’s going to put you down.

“But as for feeling punches in fights, I’m not familiar with it because I don’t feel any punches when I’m in the ring because the adrenaline is flying high when you’re in a fight. You don’t feel the punches ever,” he added.


Fury is due to face Wilder again in July at the MGM Grand. That’s subject to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak subsiding by then.

Should the fight once again get over the line, it would take a much closer contest for Wilder to fully rebuild his reputation.

As for Klitschko, ‘Dr. Steelhammer’ continues to be linked to his own comeback to the sport. The former unified ruler has ambitions of breaking George Foreman’s oldest champion record by 2022.