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Home » Andrew Golota (x3) referee labels Tyson Fury ‘DIRTIEST fighter’ of career

Andrew Golota (x3) referee labels Tyson Fury ‘DIRTIEST fighter’ of career

On the back of ex-opponent Steve Cunningham agreeing with a social media campaign against Tyson Fury, the American now has some back-up in the form of respected ref Eddie Cotton.

Cunningham has shared various posts accepting the fact Fury may have done something to his gloves for the Deontay Wilder fight. Highly unsubstantiated claims which Fury is yet to fully address.

In a follow-up, and obvious attempt to ratify his view, Cunningham shared a post from the night he fought Fury in April 2013.

‘USS’ dropped Fury in the second round of the Madison Square Garden contest before being overwhelmed by the bigger man.

A recent video post saw Cunningham tell his fans he was on his way to certain victory against Fury until dirty tactics were used. Cotton, the referee at that time, agreed with that view in a thought-to-be lost video.

Tito Garcia of Boxing Socialist shared the short clip in 2016. Three years after the bout had taken place.

It’s now resurfaced to give Cunningham further ammunition for his views.

In it, Cotton says: “I warned him several times at one point. But in my 24 years as a pro referee, he’s one of the dirtiest fighters I ever had.”

Asked to clarify by Garcia, the son of former fighter Eddie Cotton Jr. replied: “Straight out!”

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On what he said to Fury’s team, the official added: “The cornerman came to me and said that he thought that I was favoring Cunningham. Because he said, ‘What’s my problem?’

“We weren’t arguing. It was a little discussion.”

Fury had a point deducted in the fifth, which Cotton then explained.

“The point I took away was for numerous violations. An elbow. Headbutting, a shoulder.”

Once again pushed to confirm his quote, Cotton finished by saying: “(The dirtiest) of the fights I had. And I had Andrew Golota three times. Quote that!”

Golota is famously remembered as the top division competitor who liked to give foes intentional low-blows, meaning Cotton’s statement is quite a shocker.

Cotton took charge of the 1996 rematch affair with Riddick Bowe. It ended farcically in round nine.


Fury has faced some scrutiny himself over the first fight with Deontay Wilder, although many of the eyebrow-raising claims can easily be rubbished.

This latest statement will only add further weight to the Wilder corner, though. It comes as conspiracy theories continue to swirl ahead of a trilogy bout.

July was penciled in for Fury vs Wilder III to happen this year to settle the saga once and for all. The current coronavirus outbreak could see that pushed back at least a couple of months.

For Cunningham, his own beliefs are there for all to see as the two-time cruiserweight ruler changes his tune on his old friend.

At one point in time, Fury and Cunningham seemed to be pals. Recent developments may see the situation altered significantly in the future.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay