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Impact Boxing hoping to make big waves in 2020

Bishop Wayne T Jackson is a visionary who has built the biggest faith base network in the country with 86 million homes over the last decade on his Impact Network.

He is kicking off the second decade with sports and also is venturing into reality shows, documentaries, sitcoms and movies. Impact plans on being the leader in clean, cutting edge family friendly entertainment under the Impact Media Group.

The Impact Media Group is lead creativity by Royal Jackson and corporately by Terry Arnold who has green lighted the 48 live boxing shows and the network’s first sports show, Stars and Champions.

Now with sports shut down throughout the country because of the coronavirus, the question is what will happen with boxing’s biggest new comer.

Impact Boxing’s head of legal Rick Torres said that he spoke with Steven Marcano, the network’s programming partner and revealed that plans are even bigger now than ever.

Impact first came out the gate on February 1st with the Team Tapia show and ever since that date the network has been inundated with calls from fighters and promoters asking about aligning themselves with the boxing upstart.

Impact’s boxing division is setting a blazing trail with 8 upcoming dates on the books. Health and the safety of people and fighters and what the world is going through right now is more important then ever for the faith based side of Impact.

Bishop is a man of God and is for people first and foremost. Boxing is tentatively being rescheduled for June so long as it is a safe environment for all participants, fans and media to come under one roof.

Impact Media group is still hard at work closing partnership deals with promoters, sponsors and aligning itself with one of Hollywood’s top agencies to expand and grow its original programming for the top of 2021. Ryan Burton, the network’s boxing media head has put together a social media and PR team to get the word out once we are ready to go.

With several shows being worked on, here is a sneak peak at how Impact plans on dominating the summer as long as there are no safety issues: June 19th we will be the rescheduled Raging Babe show in Philadelphia, June 27th Impact will put on a show in the home of the network in Detroit then on July 16th Impact will return to the scene of their first show at the Inn of the Mountain Gods in New Mexico and on August 1st, Rochester, New York has been confirmed. Stay tuned as more information is to come soon.

Prayers and Blessings to all from the Impact Team through this crisis and also from Great Faith Ministries International.