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Home » Lennox Lewis warns of ‘careless tweets’ over UK outbreak

Lennox Lewis warns of ‘careless tweets’ over UK outbreak

Lennox Lewis has taken a stand against the continued playing down of coronavirus, a disease which could have already infected up to 10,000 people in the UK alone.

Over 5,000 people worldwide have succumbed to COVID-19 since the spread began from Wuhan, China last December.

In the United Kingdom alone, scientists have predicted a worst-case scenario of 80% of the population getting the virus.

The UK population currently stands at 66.4 million. This means 52 million may end up carrying coronavirus.

Now, this doesn’t mean there will be 500,000 deaths due to a 1% mortality rate. But means anyone carrying it, showing symptoms or not, could pass it on to the vulnerable.

Anyone over 80 years old has a 15% chance of dying from coronavirus, which attacks the respiratory system. Mortality rates between 60 and 80 are 3.6%, much higher than flu.

Therefore, passing it on to your loved ones in these brackets could be devastating and potentially affect the person who didn’t take the necessary precautions for the rest of their life.

Some quotes from younger people not heeded the warnings and comparing coronavirus to flu saw Lewis eventually speak his mind.

The former undisputed heavyweight champion responded to one such tweet, by stating the following: Tweets like this are careless. Coronavirus is 10 times more severe than the flu.

Lennox Lewis on virus

Lennox Lewis coronavirus

“The elderly, babies and ppl with compromised immune systems are at higher risk of dying after being infected by someone like yourself who doesn’t take it seriously enough.”

Several examples from the dangerless generation who are not set to be struck down by COVID-19 are evident, particularly on social media.

A lot of it has to do with the fact some of those worried are panicking by stocking up on essentials, which is obviously having a knock-on effect to everyone.

But the truth is, if you have coronavirus and continue on in your daily life without concern, you WILL end up putting people in a grave and life-threatening situation. People who would have otherwise lived.

If you can be okay with that, then fine. But why would you not heed the warnings of the experts when drawing your own conclusions?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stated that people will die. How many that is could be up to how serious others eventually take the disease.

Vigilance and caution are required for the length of time it takes to hopefully one day find a vaccine.