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‘Down another notch’ – Eddie Hearn stance on virus questioned

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has faced a backlash from astonished fans following comments made regarding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Hearn, talking to IFL TV this week, revealed his stiff upper lip mentality on what could be the worst health crisis in a hundred years.

Addressing certain issues in regard to his schedule of fights, Hearn adopted a ‘keep calm and carry on’ approach after going ahead with a press conference.

Oleksandr Usyk and Derek Chisora both turned up wearing masks as media gathered in a room for the announcement of their May 23rd battle.

In all probability, and as World Boxing News has explained many times already, the event only has a 50-50 chance of happening.

Despite this, Hearn refuses to let the disease affect his plans and stated his intention to ‘roll his sleeves up’ and dig in.

Once the UK government ban events where lots of fans can attend from next week, Hearn will find it almost impossible to promote those shows.

Nobody is buying tickets due to the uncertainty despite Hearn attempting his own brand of reassurance.

Eddie Hearn fluffs Covid

On COVID-19, Hearn said: “It’s a challenge I’ve accepted,” to IFL TV. “Whilst this is terrible in a medical sense, the challenge has been accepted by me. I’m excited to meet that challenge.

“That’s how I feel people have got to be in the workplace, as well.”

He added: “The way I look at it from a business perspective, is if we are feeling it, our competition is feeling it ten times worse.

“And only the strongest will survive.”

Comments to the post matched the current mood of people in light of what’s happening all around us.

“Deary me, he’s just went down another notch in my estimation, every f—-ing thing is about a pound note.”

“Getting to Don King levels of c—-ery. Ego off the scale because the guy has been left unchecked for too long.”

“Put the fights on behind closed doors Eddie. Watch how important fans are then. No fans equal no business. Stop being a c—.”

“Self-absorbed, materialistic, s— bag! I resist slating Ed too often because it’s too easy and would be a full-time job. But he’s avin it this time…What a C—!”