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US Emergency, UK Ban: Boxing events in jeopardy

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Coronavirus is no joke and not one single person, sport or hierarchy is immune from this highly contagious and potentially deadly disease…and that includes boxing.

DO NOT ignore the fact that his week’s closures are just the beginning.

The United States is taking strong measures to curb the spread of this virus. The UK, albeit belatedly, will soon do the same.

All countries worst affected by cases in their hundreds and above, at this moment in time, are heading towards a complete shutdown in the next four to twelve weeks.

Any boxing events scheduled to take place between now and June are highly vulnerable and are set to be ordered to cancel under new measures.

The US has begun a blanked ban on sporting gatherings, with the UK almost certain to follow when their Prime Minister finally makes his move.

World Boxing News took the stance from the start of the cancellations. A solid stance that all imminent events are highly likely to not go ahead as planned.

Boxing events in jeopardy

In all seriousness, every single boxing event on the first half of this year’s calendar should and may not take place, something the World Health Organization have already stressed.

Up to now, WHO has left it to respective governments to decide their own plan of action, but those adopted by both the United States and the United Kingdom have not worked thus far.

Within the next few days, even bigger changes to daily life are coming…and trust me, there will be no more high-profile boxing for a while.

The fact Olympic qualifiers are going ahead in London when every United States event barring a couple of fanless ones have been postponed is quite shocking. Great Britain is in grave danger of doing a lot more damage than necessary by keeping events open over this weekend.

It’s feared it may be too late to save some vulnerable people unless action is taken before the first bell rings on pending contests.

Any shows that do go-ahead run the considerable risk of putting any vulnerable fans in danger and need to make these events attendance-free. It’s a must.

The world is in for a rough ride over the next few months and the sooner people begin to get real…the better we’ll all be moving forward.

Some involved in the sport seem to be refusing to acknowledge the seriousness of what people face. While others are simply burying their heads in the sand.

It’s certainly not ‘business at usual’ and we could soon see a grinding halt on life as we know it.

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is here to stay, and unless a miracle vaccine is found, it won’t be going away in a week, a fortnight or indeed a month.