Ex-world champion Michael Bentt airs views on Deontay Wilder fallout

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In a special interview on the Black Eye Barber Shop Show, former world heavyweight champion Michael Bentt discussed the Deontay Wilder fallout.

Bentt, who defeated Tommy Morrison for the WBO title in 1993, addressed the post-fight excuses and criticism of Wilder recently.

‘The Bronze Bomber’ was taken out in seven rounds by Tyson Fury at the MGM Grand and immediately invoked a third fight clause.

Taking time out to discuss with Black Eye hosts Johnny Nelson and Richard Poxon, Bentt also spoke about his role in the popular Netflix documentary ‘Losers’.

The now-retired puncher had plenty to say.

The conversation went like this:

JN: Whats the fallout from the Fury Wilder show over there, Stateside?

MB: I don’t think there is any! Aside from the fact Deontay blames Mike for stopping the fight, which I get completely. Deontay, he’s a soldier and soldiers don’t necessarily mean what they say.
If you ask him when he’s sat with his daughter, “would you like to go out your shield?” He’d be like “hell no man”. But he has to say that. In that moment. Cos he’s a warrior.

JN: Do you think it was more ego that was talking there?

MB: Yeah. Yeah and that’s ok. Because fighters fight from our egos Bro. We fight from deprecation and pain and ego. So I won’t judge him for that.

AC: You’ve met a lot of guys in the film industry. Was his speech, into the camera worthy of an Oscar or was it genuine?

MB: Was it Oscar worthy Bro?? Deontay Wilder he’s a fine boxer, but he’s no Marlin Brando money…”

JN: What were your initial thoughts of his excuse on his legs being weak? On his outfit being too heavy.

MB: I thought here’s a man trying to figure out or justify to himself why he’s lost.
Boxers. We lie to ourselves man. And boxers are the worlds best actors, because we have to lie. We have to deny fucking pain.

-On Deontay Wilder not listening or taking advice MB responded.

MB: Deontay Wilder has been champion for 5 or 6 years, you’re king of the mountain. And nobody can tell you anything!
After a loss, we say dumb shit man. That happens. It’s life!

-on the rematch

MB: I’m not disparaging Deontay but I don’t think he can improve Bro! Because he learned to fight as a 19 year old. And as you know, most great guys most great boxers learn to fight at 12 years old or 10 years old. Those mechanics are in your DNA. He doesn’t have that. He has a fantastic right hand. He’d knock my ass out anyway, BUT the mechanics to outbox somebody like Tyson Fury, those mechanics aren’t set in his bones man.

Listen below:

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Michael Bentt Joins Johnny Nelson and Anothony Crolla over Skype. He discusses the fallout from Wilder vs Fury II over in America, Featuring in Netflix documentary ‘Losers’. Also working with Will Smith on the Ali film. And more.

Bentt shares his thoughts on the excuses Wilder made after losing the fight and if he thinks he can beat Fury in the 3rd fight after triggering the rematch clause.

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