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George Foreman says Mike Tyson may have been advised to avoid him

The oldest heavyweight champion almost faced the youngest of all time back in the day as George Foreman and Mike Tyson held talks.

During the 1990s, when Foreman was enjoying a renaissance to his career in a second stint at the top, Tyson was on the comeback trail.


But despite a desire to make the fight, ‘Big’ George states Tyson, passed his time as ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ – ducked out of an eventual match-up

“There were a couple of times, serious negotiations were going on with the Mike Tyson fight. Mike Tyson just didn’t want to fight me,” Foreman told Jenna J of On The Ropes Radio.

“Not to say he couldn’t have beaten me. I mean, this guy could punch. The bigger they are the harder they’d fall as far as Mike Tyson was concerned.

“I guess that I have a feeling, his first original trainer and manager, Cus D’Amato, must have told him about George Foreman’s punching power as though I would never come back.

“So sometimes when you come back and a guy remembers those stories, he says to himself, ‘Look, leave that guy alone’.


“But I don’t think I would have been that much problem to him. I had a good left jab and I’d always do better when guys come to me.

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“But Tyson was pretty smart with his footwork and hand speed. That would have been a tough fight for me.”

Foreman continued fighting until 1997, the year Tyson was involved in the most controversial of his career.


The infamous ‘Bite Fight’ happened in Las Vegas that year, so unlike ex-foe Evander Holyfield – who lost a chunk of his ear to Tyson, Foreman may have had a lucky escape.


Tyson was past his prime when returning to the ring from a stint in prison. He largely fought for money until his own retirement after two losses in 2005.

A shock reverse to Danny Williams was followed up by another unbelievable loss to Kevin McBride.

Both would never have lived with Tyson at half his old powers.