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Home » Floyd Mayweather victim of misspelling PRANK fans have taken literally

Floyd Mayweather victim of misspelling PRANK fans have taken literally

Floyd Mayweather has been a victim of trolling this week as the former pound for pound king continues a European Tour to greet supporters.

Despite braving the coronavirus to follow through on his promise to meet and greet fans, an interview was doctored to make him look less intelligent than he is.


Mayweather is once again being ridiculed on social media by detractors. A small minority are hell-bent in making real fans believe he can’t spell.

The rumors were originally stated when a spat with ex-friend, rapper 50 Cent got out of hand. Since then, it keeps running and running.

After his lengthy chat with Drink Champs on Revolt TV lately, a meddler took a part of the discussion and switched the voiceover.

The ‘Money’ Man was heard stating he was, ‘the best at what he does’ in combat sports. The host then agreed.

But when spelling out Floyd labeling himself the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time), the words were mixed to state G.A.O.T.


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Sadly, many have taken this literally, while others have simply chosen to take the opportunity to berate Mayweather.

In the original clip, shown below by Drink Champs, Mayweather spelled the abbreviation perfectly.


It’s a disheartening situation when one of the best to ever lace up a pair of gloves can be treated this way over such a delicate matter.

Especially when Floyd has all the time in the world for anyone else. This is despite an ongoing worldwide crisis.

As sporting figures around the world are stopped from interacting with their followers, Mayweather didn’t want to let his fans down.


Recently spending time in the UK and Belgium, Mayweather is due to return to the US soon.

Whilst undergoing the scheduled tour, Mayweather also learned horrific news in the death of the mother of three of his children.

Josie Harris tragically passed away at 40.

Floyd’s long-time girlfriend was found dead in her car. Police are not treating the incident as a homicide.