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British Boxing Board issue coronavirus cancellation warning

Adding to WBN’s warning of a spate of potential cancellations to boxing events over the coming months, the Britsh Board of Boxing Control have done likewise.

In a document sent to promoters, managers and event organizers, which was obtained by World Boxing News, the BBBofC stated they are, ‘monitoring the situation regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak closely’ as fears grow over the disease.

An Italian country-wide lockdown has already led to a pair of Matchroom Italy shows being called off. Similar could now happen all over the world.

The Board admitted this could happen soon, by saying there are, ‘no recommendations to cancel events, however, this may change’ in the statement.

Another possible problem is the fact all nurses and doctors will be required to work longer hours and will not be made available for boxing events.

Boxing and coronavirus

‘Due to the fact that medical officers have obvious obligations to their health authorities, it will become difficult to appoint medical officers for any show,’ confirmed the BBBofC.

For now, it’s full steam ahead as Matchroom, Top Rank and others plow on with press conference plans for this week. Although the UK boxing authorities are watching how things develop.

‘We will await any recommendations or restrictions in relation to all sporting events in the UK,’ they concluded.

As mentioned, it’s not only the UK facing these roadblocks. Las Vegas and New York are the latest US States to confirm cases.


The numbers are currently small but are fully expected to multiply by the day. This could lead to an extension on the European travel ban imposed by President Trump on Wednesday.

Currently, the UK is not included in the suspension. This certainly may not be the case in the coming weeks.

At present, Shakur Stevenson’s world title defense at Madison Square Garden goes ahead behind closed doors. Whilst there’s a big question mark over the Mick Conlan show.

This is due to the decision by New York to cancel the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. However, the number of people involved in the annual Irish Parade meant a tough decision was made.

Conlan’s fight now takes place without fans.