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Kell Brook throws hat in the ring for Terence Crawford fight

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The hat has been thrown into the ring as former world champion Kell Brook has volunteered to be squaring off against Terence Crawford.

Allegedly, Crawford is in dire need of a dance partner as his WBO welterweight belt title defense day approaches.

Either way, it seems that the whole idea was brought to life in Brook’s mind, as he claims that no Top Rank promoters have come in touch with him.

Is Brook a force too mighty to compare or merely a worthy contender?

The answer to this question depends on who you’re asking in the first place. But the fact is, someone from Top Rank would have already come in touch with Brook’s promoters to set up the fight in case there’d been an interest in it. Either way, the clock is ticking – chances are that Crawford will be entering the ring come May or June, so Top Rank better get a move on and speed up their search.

Is Top Rank spoon-feeding weaker opponents to Crawford?

This is becoming a popular fan theory. The only way to put it to rest is for Top Rank to choose someone on Brook’s level (or better). It only takes one more opponent that is around the level of Kavaliauskas, and they’ll cement it even more, giving the appearance that they’re trying to make Crawford look stronger than he actually is.

So in a way, they have indirect control over his public image, but they also have the scissors in hand to shape the fans’ response. Judging by their decision to not have contacted Brook as of yet, they’re aiming for something different this time around. As for who they’ll be contacting, at this point, is still anyone’s guess.

Brook is brimming with confidence

Brook demonstrated his witty sense of humor by saying that Crawford is running out of dance partners, then proceeded to volunteer himself as one. His confidence level appears to be rock-solid, as he believes that he is in an even better shape now than at the time when he squared off against Spence. But to realistically gauge his level of power and compare it against Crawford’s, it doesn’t take an expert to notice that, during his entire professional career, no opponent of his was quite on Brook’s level. Out of all the names that come to mind, Neither Jeff Horn nor Amir Khan can hold a candle to Brook.

Who would make for an ideal opponent for Crawford?

If Top Rank decides against giving a green light to Crawford’s fight against Brook, the fans will think that something is up, something rather artificial in nature. And that won’t be doing him any favors. Ideally, his promoters want him to face off against Manny Pacquiao or Errol Spence Jr., but unfortunately, none of these scenarios are likely to unfold in the near future. We do know that Shawn Porter has shown public interest to fight Crawford, but there is a glaring elephant in the room that needs addressing – if anything, these two appear to be friends rather than foes. Surely, this will get in the way at some point.

Is Crawford an undisputed king in the welterweight category?

No matter the stance you hold, it’s either Spence or Crawford. However, ever since being able to reach the welterweight category recently, he hasn’t been able to prove his worth yet due to not fighting the really strong foes. So in theory, Crawford could be the #1 kid on the block right now, but there is not enough practical evidence to confirm this to be the case. Yes, he has fought Khan, Benavidez Jr., Horn, and Kavaliauskas, but if anything, that only proves that he is one of the top contenders in the category, which is still a long way from being an undisputed king of the hill.

Brook wants to grace his fans with the show of a lifetime

Brook, being the crowd-pleaser that he is, wants to give his fans the fight they are thirsting for. Since his retirement is drawing near, he wants to make this his parting gift. So whether it will be against Crawford or Spence, we’re bound to be in for quite a treat. To show your support for whoever you happen to be cheering for, make sure to put your sports betting knowledge to a good use and place a bet when it counts. And make sure to follow our news portal to stay in the loop with what’s going on in the world of boxing!