Discussion: Did Tyson Fury really tamper with gloves vs Deontay Wilder?

World Boxing News 10/03/2020
Tyson Fury gloves

This week’s Black Eye Barber Shop Show episode covers the topic currently dominating social media regarding Tyson Fury gloves vs Deontay Wilder I & II.

Small chatter began in the week following Fury’s amazing win over Wilder on February 22nd at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Since then, the snowball-effect has hit the rumors. Even former world champions Charles Martin and Steve Cunningham have got involved.

The claims initially go back to the first fight. They seem to accuse Fury of not putting his hands all the way inside his gloves. Therefore, hitting Wilder with the wrist part of the glove and causing more damage.

Those making the substantial gripes against Fury are also claiming something must have been awry in the second bout due to the manner of his victory.

Fury is obviously yet to respond to what is a series of outlandish allegations. Some are clearly attempting to take the shine off his unbelievable comeback.

Sitting in the studio to discuss the rumblings were co-hosts Johnny Nelson and Richard Poxon. As per usual, alongside Barber Shop regular Anthony Crolla.

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In this video, Johnny Nelson, Anthony Crolla and Richard Poxon discuss the topic around the internet about Tyson Fury’s gloves in the first fight against Deontay Wilder.

The hot topic around the internet at the moment is that Tyson Fury tampered with his gloves during his first fight against Deontay Wilder. Some have tried to claim this was from the 2nd fight. – Black Eye Barber Shop Show.

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Fury and Wilder are due to fight again in July. It will be interesting to see if Wilder decides to bring up the talk during their press conferences.

Wilder was beaten for the first time in his career after failing to knock Fury out in the last round of their initial battle.

More is sure to come on this touchy subject.