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Don King pays $2m for Charr vs Bryan, eyes three venues

Don King Productions is looking to stage a heavyweight bout between Mahmoud Charr and Trevor Bryan at a high-profile venue in the near future.

The staging search comes after King paid a whopping $2 million for the rights to the unrecognized WBA ‘regular’ title clash.

Charr, the current holder of the meaningless strap, is due to face the number one contender in the WBA rankings.

Bryan is 20-0 as a pro but has been out of action awaiting news of his shot at Charr since August 2018.

It’s been a long-drawn-out process which has also seen Charr not competing since as far back as 2017.

Confirming the details on March 2, three sites are currently being considered.

Trevor Bryan vs Manuel Charr

“Christian Jäger, manager and sponsor of WBA heavyweight world champion Manuel Charr, announced that on Monday, March 2, 2020 in Panama City, headquarters of the WBA, the Purse-Bid for the World title fight featuring Charr against Byran took place,” it read.

“Global Sports Management, represented by Bernd Trendelkamp with co-promoter Diamond Promotion. DKP Don King Promotion, represented by the lawyer, was present.

“Don King Promotion won the Purse Bit by bidding $2 million.

“Las Vegas, Kinshasa or Saudi Arabia were mentioned as possible host destinations. Christian Jäger and Don King will now begin the talks in order to complete the negotiations quickly.

“The World title fight must take place before May 30, 2020.”

Whoever comes out on top is still not expected to be in line to face ‘super champion’ Anthony Joshua anytime soon.

The WBA is notorious for letting the WBA ‘regular’ title holder avoid challenging for the full strap should they desire.

With Charr and Bryan so inactive, it would be highly surprising if the WBA ordered either to meet AJ. Even by 2021.

Holding the belt since November 2017, Charr was bypassed by Alexander Povetkin for the mandatory spot in September 2018. Therefore, holding the lesser WBA belt doesn’t mean too much in the WBA stipulation climate.

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