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Home » If Fury vs Joshua was bare-knuckle, it would be made NOW – BKB boss

If Fury vs Joshua was bare-knuckle, it would be made NOW – BKB boss

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Heavyweight champions Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua have been urged to follow the example of the bareknuckle hard men.

Frank Warren says a fight between them would be the biggest sporting event in the UK since the 1966 World Cup final.

But there are fears the fight that every fan wants to see may not happen.

Bareknuckle boxing founder Joe Smith-Brown says that if Fury and Joshua were part of his growing bareknuckle boxing business, they would definitely fight.

BKB 21 goes ahead at London’s O2 Indigo on Saturday, April 4 and will be topped by pound-for-pound stars Jimmy Sweeney and Tyler Goodjohn clashing.

The fight will be seen by millions of fans in 29 countries around the world and is proof that in bareknuckle boxing, the best face the best.

“If Tyson and AJ were bareknuckle fighters, they would fight,” said Smith-Brown.

“You get fighters who want to pick and choose who they fight and if they do, I tell them: ‘Bareknuckle boxing isn’t like that.’

“In our sport, the best always fight the best.

“People were surprised we made the Sweeney-Goodjohn fight, but it was always going to happen. It’s the biggest bareknuckle fight so far – and it had to happen.”

Sweeney and Goodjohn were good friends who vowed never to fight each other and Smith-Brown explained how what he calls “the biggest bareknuckle fight so far” came about.

He said: “After Tyler won the world title, he had a Q and A that went out on social media and was asked if he would fight Jimmy.

“He said possibly – and then his girlfriend shouted out: ‘You would smash him.’

“Jimmy rang me within five minutes to say: ‘Let’s make the fight.’

“I rang Tyler the next day and he agreed to it.

“That’s how easy it is to make fights in bareknuckle boxing.”