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Steve Cunningham joins unsubstantiated Tyson Fury gloves debate

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A former opponent of Tyson Fury has made a statement regarding the controversy and ongoing internet scrutiny since Deontay Wilder was defeated.

Mainly coming from YouTubers, questions have surrounded Fury after he demolished Wilder in seven rounds last month.

Internet geeks targeted Fury’s wrist action in their December 2018 fight, stating something untoward might have been going on with his gloves.

Blowing up videos and using wobbly red circles to gain traction for their outrage, those accusers believe Fury had his attire tampered for battle.

The clips show Fury’s gloves flapping as he threw leather, leading to those opposed to the goings-on doing all they could to point them out.

Lately, it seems to have worked as several heavyweight boxers have begun to comment.

Former sparring partner Nicholas Asberry is one, whilst ex-Anthony Joshua foe Charles Martin is another.

Most notably though, it was Cunningham who spoke up – possibly without reviewing all the evidence.

“I thought people were playing talking about the gloves. But then I watched the video,” said Cunningham.


“Yes, this is the FIRST FIGHT but whos gloves bend back like this? Mine have never and I’ve been boxing since 1996.”

Replies came thick and fast, although ‘USS’ was adamant on what he thought he’d witnessed.

“If you believe his hand is in that glove all the way, somethings wrong with you,” he pointed out. “His knuckles are in the wrist part of the glove.

“See where the wrist connects on the chin because that’s where the knuckles are. The padded part of the glove hits his shoulder and bounces,” added the American.

Fans subsequently argued in both directions despite evidence already existing of Fury’s innocence.

The wrap markings prove his hand was all the way in the glove, at least for the majority of the fight. Plus, given the fact Fury didn’t win the encounter it didn’t do much good.

Clips of the second bout are more conclusive in Fury’s favor as both hands were clearly all the way in when the telling blows were landed.

Sadly, those with too much time on their hands will keep protesting in order to gain hits or subscriptions. It’s becoming more of a slant against authority than Fury.

To suggest the Nevada and Californian Commissions would miss something like that for such a high-profile fight is offensive to both.

Both referees checked Fury’s gloves and were happy, plus supervision was present at the wrapping of all four gloves in the two contests.

Despite all the facts, some just don’t seem to want to give it up and are hell-bent on smearing Fury’s clear rematch victory any way they can.

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