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Bad guy Regis Prograis gets a** kicked in new movie…and he’s awesome!


Sitting down to check out the new Mark Walhberg movie ‘Spenser Confidential’, little did I know that a familiar boxing face in Regis Prograis world would appear.

Around an hour in, and went the newly-released Netflix movie was reaching a crescendo, none-other-than the ‘Rougarou’ was spotted as a bad guy.

Playing a Trinitario gang member, Prograis didn’t look out of place one iota. Going up against a seasoned actor in Wahlberg, Prograis held his own comfortably.

And when it came to a big scene where he gets his a** kicked by co-star Winston Duke, he was absolutely awesome.

That was even despite the fact the world-class boxer was asked by director Peter Berg to telegraph a trademark punch into the bargain.

Whipping in the blow, Duke dodged it with ease before taking down the character portrayed by the fighter.

Prograis, in such a small part, has added to his growing acting credits. They began with a role alongside Cuba Gooding Jr. in a movie directed by the Oscar winner.

‘Bayou Caviar’ – released in 2018 and centered around a former boxing champion, saw Prograis cast as Julio. Prior to that, Prograis had no acting experience on the big screen.

You would never have been able to tell, though. Prograis is certainly a natural and could have a solid career once his ring stint is over.

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For now, his number one calling is pugilism, and he’s very, very good at that too.

Prograis recently reached the final of the World Boxing Super Series and can could himself unlucky not to have taken home the trophy.


The 31-year-old has dusted himself down since then. Prograis will now return against former world champion Maurice Hooker on April 17.

A win for Prograis could see another world title shot in the offing for the highly talented super-lightweight southpaw.

With 20 knockouts from his 24 wins, Prograis is already making huge waves in the sport and boasts one of the most memorable ring walk attires of all.

Should his career trading blows end anytime soon, evidence suggests the former world title-holder has a clear second option.

Watch Spenser Confidential now on Netflix.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay