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Home » Could Mayweather help Deontay Wilder? – Uncle Jeff explains

Could Mayweather help Deontay Wilder? – Uncle Jeff explains

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Floyd Mayweather helping Deontay Wilder return to the summit of heavyweight boxing has been addressed by uncle Jeff Mayweather recently.

After the former pound for pound king offered his services to Wilder for a trilogy clash with Tyson Fury this summer, Jeff took to The Mayweather Channel to air his views.

Mayweather, son of Jeff’s brother Floyd Sr., has been embarking on a UK Tour of late but took time out of his busy schedule to address the Wilder loss.

Wilder was dominated and defeated by Fury in Las Vegas on February 22nd. A pummelling unforeseen pre-fight and completely out-of-character for ‘The Bronze Bomber’.

So what went wrong? – Who knows, but one thing is for sure and that’s the fact Wilder has to change for the next installment.

If he accepts Floyd’s offer, how will that go down? – Watch the video below to find out Jeff’s thoughts.

Linked to a return to action himself in 2020, Mayweather has never really been one for coaching fighters for prolonged camps. Hands-on when giving boxers tips in his gym, Mayweather has so far refrained from going in the same direction as his dad.

Floyd Sr. has been one of the most respected trainers in the business for years, although he has suffered from health problems over the past few years. This has limited his ability to train several prospects at once.

Junior probably lacks the motivation to be in the gym day in and day out after recently turning 43. Therefore, even a promised comeback this year looks unlikely.

As for Wilder, it seems loyalty could play a key part in any Mayweather link-up. Jay Deas has been his mentor from day one and it doesn’t seem like something Wilder would do in getting rid of him now.

The same can be said for Mark Breland, who WBN revealed was never fired from Wilder’s team. Co-manager Shelly Finkel confirmed this was the case and Breland will remain part of the squad for Fury III.

Deas and Breland could potentially draft in another pair of eyeballs to changed things a little. Who that would be is yet unknown.