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Home » ‘That’s what came out of these balls!’ – Proud dad John on son Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury is ‘what came out of’ proud dad John Fury’s ‘balls!’

John Fury cut a forlorn figure on February 22 as the father of British heavyweight Tyson Fury watched on as his son created history in Las Vegas.

Filmed by an ITV crew for ‘Tyson Fury: Gypsy King’ – a three-part documentary, John was forced to view the fight in the UK. This was down to a previous conviction in Briton, for which John served time in prison.

John Fury and Tyson Fury

John, a former boxer himself, has been turned down for a Visa when applying to US authorities, meaning he’s missed Tyson’s last three victories and the initial draw with Deontay Wilder.

Despite the stateside ban, John is clearly passionate about following Tyson’s career. This was no different last month as the cameras rolled.

Emotions ran high as Tyson once again conquered the world. He stopped Wilder in seven brutal rounds after mauling him from the off.

As referee Kenny Bayliss stepped in and the towel was thrown from Wilder’s corner, John let rip with a ton of relief.

“That’s what a 19 stone man can do when you’ve got heart! – When you’re bred to fight and when you’re the king of a race!

‘That’s what (my son) can do! That’s what’s come out of these balls!

“The Gypsy King has done it! The best heavyweight in the f***ing world!”

When Tyson was born, he was premature. The 31-year-old weighed just one pound in weight. Doctors, at one point, didn’t think he’d make it.

Now reflecting on one of the most amazing heavyweight comebacks of all time, in the ilk of Muhammad Ali, John added: “People denied him. People had no faith in him, but look where he’s at now.

“This man two years ago was trying to take his own life, and now look where he’s at.

“People, all those people in the world suffering today. I’m a sufferer, but I’m never going to stop believing in good.”


BT Sport coverage then picked up Tyson and John talking on the phone in the immediate aftermath, which ITV also filmed on their side.

“You’re the best fighting man I’ve seen in my whole entire life. What a masterclass!” – he told Tyson. “It was the best I’ve ever seen in my life. You couldn’t write it. You’ve done it!

“You’ve equaled Muhammad Ali’s achievements. Let me tell you, son, it was some performance. I’m still shaking. Take care, love you, son, well done. God bless you.”

A poignant moment to end John’s time on the first series, which fans are now hoping will return in the coming months.

Footage by ITV. Catch all three episodes of Tyson Fury: Gypsy King on ITV Hub catch-up right now.