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Home » Paulie Malignaggi blames ‘yes men’ for Deontay Wilder loss

Paulie Malignaggi blames ‘yes men’ for Deontay Wilder loss

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Paulie Malignaggi has made a startling revelation regarding Deontay Wilder past actions and the current group the heavyweight chooses to associate himself with.

Working in his capacity for Showtime, Malignaggi has faced the wrath of Wilder for some of his opinions over the past few months.

Malignaggi even went as far as stating Wilder tried to remove him from his Showtime position as he revealed his opinion on the Tyson Fury loss.

“Deontay, in the ring, he said, ‘I’m not gonna make no excuses,’” Malignaggi told The AK and Barak Show on Sirius XM.

“Then he made forty of them. I am totally with him in that you don’t accept a loss. You figure out a reason why that happened.

Here’s the problem I have, and this is I think where Deontay’s had a problem in the last couple of years. Nobody around him is honest anymore, in my opinion.

“Because when you say certain things publicly, you’ve already said them in your circle. You don’t just randomly say stuff publicly that you have not said in your circle, even in passing.

“So, starting from the first Fury fight, somebody should be like, ‘You didn’t win that fight, we got away with it.’

“Because that was my issue with the whole thing. He tried to get me fired from Showtime and all this other stuff, you know? He was trying to have me and Farhood removed and all this other stuff.

“So, I have sort of an issue with that, because I don’t have an issue with you being competitive and you even not liking the criticism. I don’t have an issue with that, because you are not supposed to accept that that easily. But when it’s constructive, you also have to, when you calm down, because at the moment, of course, you’re not calm.

“But when you calm down, you have to be able to understand the difference between constructive criticism and hating criticism. And so, you have to be able to take constructive criticism and build yourself and get better.”

On changes made from the first fight, Malignaggi added: “I don’t feel there were many adjustments made in the second fight. Fury made all the adjustments.

“Wilder didn’t really look so different. You know, actually, he looked worse because Fury made the adjustments to make him worse.

“But now you fast forward to after this fight, again, just like the first fight, where you said you got robbed and everybody’s cheering you on, that you got robbed, now you’re saying after this fight, ‘Yo, that thing was heavy. Man, that outfit was heavy.’ Not one of your team has the balls to say (it wasn’t).

“See, I always had my best friend (Peter). He was always real. He would be like, ‘shut the eff up. And as a best friend, you’re not gonna throw him out of your circle just for being honest.

“You always need that real guy, at least one real guy.

“Because if everybody’s just agreeing with you, a bunch of yes men, you start to lose track of reality. And I feel like Deontay putting out that excuse is just another sign, another clue, to say there are too many yes men around this guy.

“Because somebody in his team should’ve been like, ‘You are gonna look like an idiot if you put that out there. Don’t say that.’ Just say, ‘We got the rematch clause. I’m gonna run it back, and I’ll make this right.

“Don’t say it was the outfit, though. Don’t go with the outfit.”