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Social media continues outrageous claims on Tyson Fury gloves

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Social media videos are currently popping up at a rate of knots claiming something suspect went on with gloves Tyson Fury wore for BOTH fights against Deontay Wilder.

Shared many times with conflicting reactions, video editors with too much time on their hands have put together elaborate conspiracy theories.

WBN refuses to give those clips, which are not hard to find, the time of day. It seems some detractors will do anything to take away Fury’s clear victory in the second fight.

Now, talk of Fury’s gloves being altered for the first bout is being added into the mix. Shocking when you consider he was almost wiped out in the twelfth round and didn’t hurt Wilder too considerably throughout the contest.

Not to mention inspectors were on hand and referees for both bouts checked the gloves themselves.

Fury simply gained a hell of a lot of confidence from the fact he was able to get up from those shots in the final session. He went away, hired a new trainer and worked on his own strength Fury then held no iota of fear going into the rematch.

Tyson Fury’s gloves

‘The Gypsy King’ simply bullied Wilder into submission, a fact some are clearly finding it hard to digest.

When the dust fully settles and the talk begins for a third encounter, surely Wilder will be able to admit this himself.

The American has things to work on. But there’s no doubt he’ll be recharged and ready to put in a better performance in the trilogy.

In hindsight, maybe facing Dominic Breazeale and Luis Ortiz was not ideal preparation for a second installment with Fury.

Breazeale can be walked through as Anthony Joshua proved before Wilder obliterated him in one round. Whilst Ortiz runs out of gas, it’s a known fact. He just did it a few rounds earlier in the return.


Whatever the problems were, ‘The Bronze Bomber’ will have to be ready by July to go again. A massively quick turnaround when you think about it.

Would an interim contest be a better idea for Wilder before facing Fury at the end of the year? – Only time will tell. But they could be swapping blows again by July 18th.

The MGM Grand is once again set to host. And no matter the outcome for either fighter, those who choose to throw around wild accusations will probably never go away.

That’s one of the many downsides to social media.