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Home » No heavyweight in history has done what Tyson Fury did on Feb 22

No heavyweight in history has done what Tyson Fury did on Feb 22

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Tyson Fury created boxing history for a second time in five years on February 22nd as the heavyweight became a two-time champion in Las Vegas.

‘The Gypsy King’ came back from the brink of self-destruction to wow the United States fans and demolish a solid world ruler in Deontay Wilder.

Picking up the coveted World Boxing Council strap, Fury created a new stat which will become a quiz question for years to come.

Tyson Fury feat

In stopping Wilder, Fury became the only top division puncher ever to defeat title-holders who have made ten straight defenses or more as the challenger.

The first was Wladimir Klitschko in 2015. Wilder became the second last month at the world-famous MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Such long-reigning and seasoned champions have never been dethroned by the same contender before, something Fury can take pride in.

In the process of achieving this unbelievable feat, Fury earned the number three spot in the WBN Pound for Pound Rankings.

It’s hard to see how Fury isn’t up there with the likes of Canelo and Vasyl Lomachenko after what was a remarkable comeback.

Some P4P lists don’t even have the 31-year-old in the top ten, which is a shocking fact considering the narrative. Plus, the way Fury won both fights.


He utterly dominated both Klitschko and Wilder, placing himself as the definitive number one in the 200 pounds plus weight class.

Fury is now so far ahead of anyone else in the division that his place in the P4P rankings could even be argued for a further rise if he repeats the Wilder win in July or even halts him earlier.

How on earth Fury is not featured on some of the more ‘fan-noted ratings’ is quite a head-scratcher.

In terms of why this may be, it could be that Fury’s record outside of title fights is somewhat questionable. Consistent warm-up fights, like those before the Wilder return, probably go against him – especially stateside.

But grabbing that green and gold belt and in the process handing the UK a complete shutout in the championship picture, is satisfaction enough for the big man.

Fury must be enjoyed while he’s still involved in the sport, as ‘there’s only one Tyson Fury’ and there only ever will be.

The views expressed in this article are that of the Editor, Phil Jay.