Johnny Nelson, Anthony Crolla discuss what Deontay Wilder must improve

Tyson Fury knockdown Deontay Wilder

Mikey Williams

On Episode Two of the new ‘Black Eye Barber Shop Show’, former world champions Johnny Nelson and Anthony Crolla went over the Deontay Wilder fallout.

Alongside co-host Richard Poxon, Nelson and Crolla outlined what improvements Wilder has to make before facing Tyson Fury again.

Poxon posed the question, ‘If you get the call to go to America and train Wilder, what do you do?’

Crolla was first to respond.

“First of all, day one of camp he’s got to use his jab,” pointed out the likeable Mancunian at the Black Eye Barber Shop. “Fury’s going to fight him exactly the same way, isn’t he?

“We’ve got to have him using his feet and his jab. The problem we’ve got is, for someone who’s had the number of fights he’s had, the number of defences he’s had, he’s so raw!

“I remember from the Olympics, and this is no way disrespectful, people said, “How can you say he can’t box, he’s got a bronze medal at the Olympics! – But he was so raw.

“He wasn’t super heavyweight then, he was 91kg. His arms matched his legs and he was so skinny.

“He was just raw and he’d go for it. He was obviously a strong lad. So he wasn’t this great boxer. So he didn’t really learn in the job because he was knocking everyone over want he!”

Nelson was next up to add his thoughts.

“If I had to train him. I’d take him back to basics,” stated Nelson.  “I’d go to the gym and spend a day just jabbing.

“The next day all just right hands. The next day in just one-twos. I’d get him working on his walking and positioning and using that jab. Working on varying it up.

“It’s not something that most gyms do but it works so well footwork wise, positioning wise, and for sparring!

“It makes you into a more astute boxer. I’d make him body spat a hell of a lot, even before we got to fight camp.

And then just use that accuracy, that boxing. I’d make him use that jab. Vary the jab. Like building blocks, I’d build him back into it.”

Sheffield United Premier League striker Billy Sharp, who visited the show to discuss his new academy, felt there shouldn’t be a trilogy fight.

“I don’t think it’s fair on Tyson Fury. He’s done it twice now. He looked so up for it. Like he was possessed and so concentrated,” said Sharp.

The topic of Mark Breland, who WBN revealed was never fired by Wilder, was breached. Those in the studio agreed he’d been treated unfairly.

“Mark saves him for another day. Whereas the other guy, he’s said he was pulled out too early,” said Crolla.

Poxon added: “It struck me as ‘I’ll throw Breland under the train, and I’ll stay on!

“If I was Mark, I’d go ‘you know what, you two have each other’. I’d leave first.

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