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Biggest boxing bets come from these countries

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Boxing is a popular sport whose origins date back thousands of years. Nowadays, boxing events attract a huge number of viewers, especially the heavyweight championship titles.

Over the past century, we had a chance to witness many fighters from different countries take the pedestal as world champions. Besides the massive crowds which these boxing matches attract they also attract a big number of gamblers. Even though these matches are not as popular as football or basketball you can still find a big number of bookmakers which offer odds for placing bets. So, let’s take a look at which countries love to gamble on boxing matches.

South Africa

South Africa has been on the world boxing scene for a very long time. Boxing is considered to be a prestigious sport in the country, drawing millions of viewers for every important boxing match. Over the years South Africa delivered a plethora of fighters, who had great success on the world gambling scene. Some of the most popular names coming from this country are Corrie Sanders, Clarence Walker, Jacob Matlala, George Hunter and Mike Bernardo. As far as betting on boxing events goes you can find a big number of bookies which will take your bets. Gambling is perfectly legal in South Africa with a big number of operators investing in TV ads to draw in a bigger number of players. South Africans can also bet at a big number of online casinos, which even offer Rands as a currency. 


Mexico is another country which has produced a massive number of world champions. They have over 200 world champions to date, many of whom hold a title even today. Some of the most popular Mexican fighters are Elwin Soto, Juan Francisco Estrada, Rey Vargas, Saúl Álvarez and Léo Santa Cruz. What’s interesting about these fighters is the fact that many of them fight for another country, but still keep true to their Mexican heritage. With such a rich history in boxing, it’s only natural to have a big gambling interest. Gambling on sports events in Mexico is legal so residents can easily find a bookmaker to take their bets. 


France has always taken great pride in producing a number of excellent fighters. Boxing is considered to be a very popular event across the country and they always look back on their rich heritage. Some of the most popular fighters who fought under the French flag are Marcel Cerdan, Jean-Marc Mormeck, Jackson Chanet, Fabrice Benichou and Laurent Boudouani. The country has made betting and gambling perfectly legal, so today you can find a big number of French friendly casinos. You can also find a big number of French only casinos which are focused on welcoming players from France only. 


Eastern Europe is known to be the birthplace of many great fighters, with Ukraine being the leader. This country has given us many great fighters like Wladimir Klitschko, Vitali Klitschko,  Alexander Dimitrenko, Louis “Kid” Kaplan and Vyacheslav Senchenko. These fighters were known to be tough and would always put on a great show. So what’s the gambling situation in Ukraine? Well as far as the Ukrainian government goes gambling is illegal in the country. But their domestic legislation has little impact on the way many bookmakers conduct business. Ukrainian residents can easily find a big number of bookmakers which will accept their bets. This makes betting on boxing matches very easy and the Ukrainians are known to be passionate gamblers, especially when it comes to one of their own fighters. 

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United States

The USA is a country which has produced the biggest number of fighters across all weight divisions. They are also the country which has the biggest number of world boxing champions. We all know some of the older fighters like Muhammed Ali, George Foreman, Joe Frazier, Evander Holyfield and the Iron Mike Tyson. These fighters brought boxing its popularity and many others followed in their footsteps. In recent years Floyd Mayweather is the name which continues this tradition. 

So what is the current situation when it comes to betting on boxing matches in the USA? Well, the current laws don’t allow for online casinos to operate on the territory of the USA. But players can still place bets on offshore bookmakers which offer odds on boxing matches. Be sure to use reputable ones that have all the legal features before you place a bet.

USA residents can also place bets on bookmakers based in New Jersey. But as most Americans will tell you it’s very easy to place a bet with your local bookmaker, as long as you don’t spread the word. 

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a country with a long tradition in boxing and gambling at the same time. The UK has a plethora of great fighters which put them on the boxing map. In recent years the name Tyson Fury aka the “Gypsy King” is stirring up the international boxing scene. 

When it comes to betting on boxing matches the situation in the UK is much more relaxed than in the USA. Online gambling and sports betting are perfectly legal in the UK, so punters can easily find a reputable bookmaker and place a bet. The islanders have a vast choice of betting parlours as well, so the only dilemma is to find a bookie which offers the best odds for the match. 


Australia also has a rich history when it comes to boxing. They didn’t have much success in the heavyweight divisions, but they produced a number of fighters for the lower divisions. Some of the most popular fighters coming from the continent are Dave Sands, Les Darcy, Jeff “Hit Man” Harding, Lester Ellis and Jeff Fenech. Gambling in Australia is quite popular. Recent studies show that pretty much every Australian resident has embarked in some form of gambling. When it comes to betting on boxing matches, Aussies can place bets at local bookmakers or at offshore sites which will have them. With the recent changes in legislation, the Australian government banned both local and offshore online casinos. But there are still operators which oppose this legislation and welcome Aussie players with open arms.