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Tyson Fury silent on fighting Deontay Wilder for a third time

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WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is yet to confirm he’ll actually accept Deontay Wilder’s invoking of a second rematch clause in their agreed contract.

As WBN revealed first, the date of mid-July has already been laid down for what will be a super-fight trilogy battle in Las Vegas.

But since Bob Arum revealed their intentions to face Wilder again, Fury has said nothing in the public domain regarding those plans.

Instead, Fury has focused on thanking people for their support in an ominous post in terms of his prolonged future participation in the sport.

‘The Gypsy King’ does have three fights left on his Top Rank contract. But as we know with Tyson Fury, if he’s not on board with those fights they certainly wouldn’t happen.

Fury could instead choose to walk away for good, or maybe even take on Anthony Joshua and risk the wrath of potential Wilder legal action.

Until he finally comes out and gives the battle a firm green light, Fury could go in any direction with his career.

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman explained to WBN on Sunday that Fury facing Wilder for the third time is not in his mandate as the new title-holder. He also stated that the World Boxing Council would be on board with an all-UK encounter with Joshua.

“The WBC has a mandatory defense for February 2021. This is the date up to which Dillian Whyte can be the opponent as the mandatory contender,” Sulaiman exclusively told World Boxing News. “

Tyson Fury is a new champion. He has one year to do any fights he wishes to contract on a voluntary basis.

“Now, Fury apparently has a rematch agreed with Wilder, but can fight Dillian Whyte or he can fight Anthony Joshua. He can fight any opponent (doesn’t have to be Wilder – within the next year), as I mentioned.

“The mandate for the mandatory is February 2021.”

Previous social media activity from Fury is yet to even address the fact another Las Vegas event opposite Wilder is a possibility.

“With the right mindset anything is possible, I’ve been written off all my life and to think they said I’d never achieve anything. (It) just goes to show what a human is capable of.!

“Massive thank you to everyone who supported me in my comeback your the best fans ever, god bless you all.

“Been an amazing comeback over the last two years. Thank you for the support,” said Fury.