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Home » Liam O’Reilly talks Contender VIP Fight Series chances

Liam O’Reilly talks Contender VIP Fight Series chances

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Liam O’Reilly plans to write his own Tyson Fury story after deciding it’s boxing’s big time or bust !

The 32 year old from Keighley shed a mighty seven stones to resume his boxing career and after back-to-back wins, he enters a tournament that could propel him towards title contention.

The Contender VIP Fight Series brings together four welterweight prospects to battle it out for the Phil Martin Trophy and a £10,000 payday.

The two semi-finals are held at Lancashire CCC’s Old Trafford on Saturday, April 4 and the final will follow over 10 rounds.

O’Reilly admitted: “I’m rolling the dice.

“I was probably going to be in with another journeyman next, but instead, I’m taking on lads with winning records.

“I’m going to go for it.

“I’m no spring chicken and this tournament gives me the chance to really put my name out there.

“I need to get the ball rolling and this is a huge opportunity for me.

“There are talented boxers in the line up, but I’m in the best shape of my life – and I can punch.”

O’Reilly showed promise as an amateur before becoming a father in his teens and drifting away from the gym – and onto the sofa !

“I got up to 17 ½ stones,” he laughed. “I wasn’t doing a lot – and I was eating everything I could get my hands on !

“One day I thought to myself: ‘I’ve had enough’ and I got myself back down the gym.

“I got my weight down to 11 stones, had four unlicensed fights and won them all by knockout.

“Then I decided to give the pros a go.”

O’Reilly signed with Kevin Maree and under him, he’s had straightforward points wins over Fonz Alexander and Jordan Grannum.

Maree says O’Reilly has a puncher’s chance of winning the Contender VIP Series.

He said: “Liam could lose the first five rounds – and still knock you out.

“He is a puncher.”