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Exclusive: WBC President clears up Tyson Fury mandatory

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World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman has spoken to World Boxing News on the back of an article regarding Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua.

Continued speculation has mounted that Fury would face Joshua after a third bout against Deontay Wilder takes place in July.

WBN wondered how this was possible because Dillian Whyte has been the mandatory challenger for almost two years. Add to that, Whyte is also the interim WBC champion.

WBC chiefs had already moved to clarify Whyte’s position ahead of Fury vs Wilder II. They stated ‘The BodySnatcher’ would get his opportunity by February 2021.

This gives Fury one year from winning his green and gold belt to meet Whyte in the ring.

Fury vs Wilder III

Should Fury want to face Joshua after Wilder, that’s when things would get complicated. ‘The Gypsy King’ would have just seven months to battle Joshua and Whyte before the deadline.

To combat this, Fury would have to negate a contracted third bout with Wilder, which US promoter Bob Arum recently told WBN there’s no chance of happening.

Therefore, Fury will almost certainly have to give Whyte a shot at the strap if the Wilder trilogy is indeed completed.

Tyson Fury next fight WBC

Sulaiman gave his view on the matter to stifle any ongoing confusion.

“The WBC has a mandatory defense for February 2021. This is the date to which Dillian Whyte can be the opponent as the mandatory contender,” Sulaiman told World Boxing News.

“Tyson Fury is a new champion. He has one year to do any fights he wishes to contract voluntarily.

Whyte or Joshua

“Now, Fury apparently has a rematch agreed with Wilder, but he can fight Dillian Whyte or Anthony Joshua. As I mentioned, he can fight any opponent (it doesn’t have to be Wilder – within the next year).

“The mandate for the mandatory is February 2021. But we do not like to speculate (about what will happen before then). There is so much interest in the heavyweight division.

“This is great for the sport, and there are so many great fights than can be made. So let’s move forward, enjoy and make the best of everything.

“We have many great fights coming up,” he concluded.

In a nutshell, Fury has twelve months and three possible foes to consider fitting into his obviously packed schedule. You’d have to think something will have to give.

Judging by Arum’s quotes to WBN, it won’t be Wilder. That means Joshua or Whyte in that mentioned seven-month period.

If Joshua gets the nod, Fury’s representatives may have to ask the WBC for an exception, which may not be forthcoming unless Whyte is on board.

It could come down to promoter Eddie Hearn having a word with Whyte to promise him the winner if he hangs on a few more months.

We wait to see how Fury’s future pans out.

Phil Jay is the Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay.