PED’s in Boxing: ‘Impossible to cheat’ or ‘Too much money to punish?’

Black Eye Barber Shop Show Episode 2 - PEDS in Boxing


The sore subject of doping in boxing was covered on Episode Two of the new Black Eye Barber Shop Show released in 2020 featuring Johnny Nelson, Anthony Crolla and Richard Poxon.

Also starring the latest guest, Sheffield United footballer Billy Sharp, the ‘Black Eye Barber Shop’ is a new show focusing on the latest news and some of the tougher topics in the sport and beyond.

This week, Nelson and Poxon opened a debate between the quartet on the recent revelations of Performance Enhancing Drugs at the top level.

As controversial American Jarrell Miller prepares for his return after admitting using several steroids, former cruiserweight world champion and pundit Nelson stated his view that things are getting better.

“It will get to a stage where it’s almost impossible to cheat,” said Nelson on the Black Eye Barber Shop Show.

Co-host Poxon then engaged with his notion that something radical has to be done soon to stop the ongoing situation.

“I think it will only stop when the punishments out-weighs the benefits of cheating,” he said.

The conversation continued:

JN: “So you’re saying if somebody cheats, and say killed somebody?”

RP: “No, I don’t even think that! In Austria now there’s a big doping case, Operation Aderlass. In Austria, it’s called ‘Sporting Fraud’.

“You can actually go to jail and you can be fined so much of past earnings. So if you’re at it, and there are a few who we know have been at it, or are at it now, if you cheat and get away way with it, get your $10 million purse. Then you get caught, they ban you and take your title off you, but you’ve still got your $10 Million!

“Until something happens where they say “if you get caught cheating, we’re going to ban you and say if it’s your second offence, that’s you done!

“Also, what you’ve earned in your last three fights, we’re taking 60% back. Then you’d think about it first!”

JN: “So what if it’s a legitimate failure?”

RP: “But everything is legitimate. Tell me one case where somebody gets done and goes ‘Yeah I’m sorry, yeah, I have been?”

“It’s all, ‘I’ve eaten a piece of beef in Mexico, somebody chucked something into my spaghetti Bolognese. I’ve had a can of caffeine drink and there was something in it. Nobody admits it!

“So how do you carve out legitimate and illegitimate?”


Nelson then moved the chat to the big question, ‘do PED’s improve you as a fighter?’ – The Yorkshireman says a resounding, ‘no’ on that score.

“Drugs don’t make you a better boxer. It might improve your cycling but it won’t make you a better boxer.

“I boxed three of them. I beat two and drew with one. So it doesn’t make you a better boxer.”

Billy Sharp then asked: “So why do they do it (cheat) then?”

Poxon answered: “You beat them, but you might have hammered them and sparked them if they hadn’t been!

“It doesn’t make your jab or right hand better, but it means you can push yourself harder.”

Crolla then added his thoughts: “You can push harder so it makes you a better athlete for sure.”

Concluding on a potential cure, Poxon pointed out: “Until the punishments out-weighs the financial benefits, I don’t think it will ever stop!”

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