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Fury confident on return: Wilder can be hurt regularly!

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The first fight was intriguing, controversial and exciting. We are now hours away from the rematch of Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, to decide who is the number one heavyweight in the world.

Fury exceeded all expectation in the first fight after having two comeback fights against opposition he was expected to beat easily he then stepped in with WBC champion Wilder, a fight many felt he won. Fury believes he has nothing to worry about when they collide once again.

“I learned he can be hit, and he can be hurt quite regularly.” Fury said. “That’s the biggest thing that I learned about Deontay Wilder. Nothing I didn’t already know. Before I fought him, obviously I didn’t know what he was like in a boxing ring, and after I fought him, I know what he’s like. And I think there’s nothing to worry about. He’s got a big right hand and that’s it. He’s a one-dimensional fighter, and I’m going to prove that on the 22nd of February.”

Claiming he has no concerns entering the fight, Fury believes Wilder should be the one worrying about what will unfold.

“There’s no stress to me going into the fight.” Fury explained. “I’ve been 12 rounds, outboxed him quite comfortable, took his best shots, got up, fired back into him. The one who should be concerned is Deontay Wilder because, with him being a one-trick pony, he’s a knockout artist, but he knocked me down twice in two rounds, nine and 12. And he had over two minutes in each round to finish me and he couldn’t finish me. It was like on Mortal Kombat. They said, “Finish Him!,” and then couldn’t finish him. So yeah, he’s the one who should be concerned.”

Elaborating further on the first fight, Fury feels the fact he was able to take the best punches from Wilder and get up will play on the American’s mind.

“He’s landed the two best punches that any heavyweight in the world could ever land on somebody else, and the Gypsy King rose like a Phoenix from the ashes back to my feet and hurt him in the end of the round. So yeah, it’s going to be pretty difficult for Wilder, not me.”

Fury is unfazed going in with the big punching Wilder.

“This is heavyweight boxing.” He said. “I’ve been hit. I’ve been hurt. I’ve been put down in (my) career, but it’s not when we get put down. It’s what happens when we get back up and keep moving forward.”

By Mick Kane.