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Home » New Tyson Fury cutman outlines measures to protect olds wounds

New Tyson Fury cutman outlines measures to protect olds wounds

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Tyson Fury surprised many when relieving his whole team of their duties in the wake of a bloody battle with Otto Wallin last September.

‘The Gypsy King’ suffered an horrific cut from a punch by the Swede which almost cost Fury his undefeated record.

Jorge Capetillo was credited with saving Fury’s lucrative rematch with Deontay Wilder this weekend and was subsequently given a bonus for his work.

Following a damning verdict on the performance by father John, Fury decided to hire a whole new team. Head coach SugarHill Steward was drafted in alongside legendary cutman Jacob ‘Stitch’ Duran.

Addressing his input into the fully healed wound, Duran says extra security had been added to the cut in order to prevent reopening.

Stitch on Fury vs Wilder

“Tyson has had a mesh web inserted into his soft tissue where the cut is in order to strengthen it,” Duran told “Whenever you put a web on something it’s only going to give it that additional support.

“But when I first met with Tyson, we went over the cuts. I saw immediately that the surgeon that did the work did a tremendous job.

“Technology is reaching a point where it’s getting better and better.

“The advantages are you protect it while also having natural healing. I would think that the tissue is going to grow into the webbing. So now you now have an extra layer that will all mesh into one.


On how the cut has been during training, Duran added: “The cut hasn’t affected Tyson’s sparring at all.

“The first time I started to put Vaseline on him, he said nobody had put it on like that before as his brother used to do it. So that was an honor to me.

“But you want to protect all the area, not just the cut. You just want to protect his whole face at all times.

“But his eyebrow is excellent. It won’t be an issue,” said ‘Stitch’.

Taking shots from Wilder won’t be the biggest worry for Fury and his team on the night anyway. The danger is a haymaker landing on target and putting him down on the canvas once again.

It’s good to have the knowledge and reassurance over the cut, but whether that even comes into play is debatable.