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Home » Shelly Finkel: ‘Wilder vs Fury II – There’s never been anything like it!’

Shelly Finkel: ‘Wilder vs Fury II – There’s never been anything like it!’

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Without a doubt, promotion for Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury II is on a whole other scale than anything seen before, something Shelly Finkel is delighted to be a part of.

Social media’s involvement has seen Wilder vs Fury II get one up on the last heavyweight collision of this magnitude.

That was Lennox Lewis vs Mike Tyson in 2002. Eighteen years later, and Wilder vs Fury II has blown that super-fight out of the water.

Finkel on Wilder vs Fury II

Finkel, the co-manager of Wilder, has been around the sport for decades. The New Yorker is a constant by the side of the ‘Bronze Bomber’ throughout his impressive career.

As the American fighter stands on the brink of greatness, alongside his British nemesis, Finkel discussed his emotions heading into another huge event.

“I’ve been with Deontay and with Jay Deas 13 years, and I couldn’t be prouder,” said Finkel. “The man is just special and he’s going to prove it again on the 22nd.

“This time, the count will be done correctly. You will see Deontay’s hand raised and they will announce he is still Heavyweight Champion, by knockout.”


On Wilder’s growth over the last two years, from his first fight with Luis Ortiz, Finkel added: “I was lucky enough to be in the first big heavyweight fight with two networks and that was Tyson vs. Lewis with HBO and SHOWTIME. They were too big for one network to stop it and it’s the same here.

“This is the largest, biggest, most anticipated heavyweight championship fight since Tyson vs. Lewis. And neither FOX nor ESPN was going to stand in the way.

“They all wanted to be part of it and you see the promotion they’re doing. There’s never been anything like it.

“It’s even going to ramp up more (a fight week progresses). You’ve never seen a heavyweight championship be promoted on the Super Bowl,” he concluded.

Wilder vs Fury II has captured the imagination of the world. The two best top division stars of their era are ready to dazzle once again.

Taking the mega-clash to Las Vegas was a masterstroke for all concerned. And judging by the anticipation on the strip, record-breaking feats could be had by all.