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Home » Joseph Parker: Ben Davison split wrong move, but Tyson Fury KO possible

Joseph Parker: Ben Davison split wrong move, but Tyson Fury KO possible

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Former world heavyweight champion Joseph Parker has aired his opinion on Tyson Fury facing Deontay Wilder for the second time this weekend.

Parker, who held the WBO version until dethroned by Anthony Joshua, is a close friend and training partner of Fury.

Despite not agreeing with Fury parting company with coach Ben Davison, Parker still believes ‘The Gypsy King’ can KO Wilder in Las Vegas.

“I know Ben (Davison) and think he is a great and talented trainer. I don’t think it was the right move to change. It’s pretty much make or break for one of them, it’s a massive fight,” Parker told

“Ben was there from the start and has seen it all at the beginning with his comeback, and remember Tyson’s dad thought he wouldn’t win his first fight. But the belief Ben had of Tyson in his heart and they proved it and put on a great performance.

“I’m not sure where the thoughts of Ben doing being a good trainer comes from, to be honest. But hopefully, it all works out for him.”


On the fight itself, Parker added: “I love how everyone has a different opinion on this fight.

“It’s going to be amazing and exciting to watch. We all know the reasons why as the first one was so controversial and tight.

“You can’t just walk up and bully Wilder. He has proved he has a good chin. Plus one of the biggest punches in the world. Hearing stories from his camp, he’s one talented guy.

“That being said – and I may be wrong – but I believe Fury can pull it off by the approach he said he will do of putting on more pressure and taking it to him. I believe boxing ability beats power.”

“Tyson’s been sparring Guido (Vianello) at the beginning of his camp and I was there watching cheering them both on. I’ve seen them do many rounds in the gym in this build-up and he is looking good.

“The reason I say he is going to put on more pressure is that I have seen it in camp. Coming forward, back, forward in his movement, he looks like he is implementing what he is saying he is going to do. To come forward, throw more punches, be more aggressive.

“I think Tyson is going to try to knock Wilder out at some stage of the fight, for sure.”