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New promoter backs Isaac Chamberlain for future world title bid

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Mick Hennessy, the man who took Tyson Fury to the heavyweight title, has backed new cruiserweight star Isaac Chamberlain to become a world champion of the future.

Chamberlain recently signed a deal with Hennessy Sports to star on Channel 5 and will fight twice within a month to hit the ground running.

Hennessy now firmly believes he’s acquired a fighter who can be in contention with the big boys of the division very soon.

“I can see in Isaac a fighter with incredible potential, character and determination. He has World Champion stamped all over him,” said Hennessy.

“I believe he has the personality that will attract the masses because of his all-round appeal and he will be a fantastic addition to Channel 5.

“The inactivity has been a hindrance but we have moved quickly to ensure he gets great exposure on national free to air TV on Channel 5. He’ll feature on two of my shows in quick succession that will raise his profile and shake off the ring rust.

“He’s still a young man at 25 and has a lot of time in front of him as we plan and maneuver him into World title contention.”


Speaking about the switch, Chamberlain was desperate to get going.

“I’m so happy to have signed this long term promotional deal with Mick Hennessy. He is a person who I believe is passionate about his fighters and he fights for them,” pointed out ‘Chambo’.

“He’s a real solid person to have on your team. I need someone like him that to push me to where I need to be. He’s got the track record with creating stars like Tyson Fury, Carl Froch, Darren Barker, Junior Witter and Chris Eubank Jnr and a great eye for spotting talent.

“He makes World Champions and that will motivate me to work hard and win.

“Becoming the WBC World Cruiserweight Champion is my primary goal and I’m obsessed with it. I want to be the best I can be and prove myself.

“I just can’t wait to get back into the ring and with the Channel 5 cameras on me. Knowing that a viewing audience of millions will be watching me comes with pressure but I will thrive and perform to my best.

“I know the pain and heartache of not fighting and being inactive but Mick has a long term plan for me and I’m really excited again.”