Floyd Mayweather dismisses claims first Jose Luis Castillo fight was close

Floyd Mayweather vs Jose Luis Castillo


Still to this day, people talk about a possible defeat on Floyd Mayweather’s record for the first Jose Luis Castillo fight back in 2002.

Detractors say Mayweather clearly lost on points at the MGM Grand despite cards reading 116-111 and 115-111 twice after the final bell.

A rematch happed eight months later at the Mandalay Bay, and despite Floyd seemingly winning by a wider margin, the cards were even closer.

Judges scored 116-113 and 115-113 twice for another unanimous decision to preserve Mayweather’s undefeated record.

Asked bout the first battle, Mayweather stated any opponent taking more than two rounds against him would always call for a rematch anyway.

“Jose Luis Castillo, a tough cookie. It’s just that you’ve never seen me lose a round. So it’s more like I can fight an opponent and win nine rounds, he can win three rounds. Then they are going to say, you know what – do a rematch. Or Mayweather didn’t win. It’s been like that my whole career, ” Floyd explained to Drink Champs on Revolt TV.

Heading into the initial meeting, which many say was a victory to Castillo, Mayweather explained an injury was the cause of the closeness.

“Going into the first fight I was hurting. The weigh-in was Friday and I was actually shaking out to make weight. The weight was 135 pounds and my second world title.

“I was hitting the heavy bag shaking out. I was too close and the rotator cuff got f***cked up extremely bad. So I was like, f*** it, my kids still gotta eat.

“A true champion can fight through anything. So I said, f*** it, let’s to it,” he said.


Mayweather fought twice at the lightweight limit after the Castillo saga before moving up in 2004 to face DeMarcus Corley.

Proving his metal once again, the ‘Money’ man dropped Corley twice in the contest to set up a world title challenge vs Arturo Gatti.