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Home » Social media I.D calls as Tommy Fury pays tribute to Caroline Flack

Social media I.D calls as Tommy Fury pays tribute to Caroline Flack

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The world of social media is under scrutiny once again after British bombshell and former Love Island host Caroline Flack committed suicide on Saturday.

Just 40 years old, Flack was a much-loved part of the ITV team until allegations were made by police over a possible assault of her boyfriend Lewis Burton.

A row at Flack’s London flat was reported to have taken a turn for the worse. Although Burton didn’t want to press charges.

The Crown Prosecution Service pushed for a conviction against Flack. This led to a parting of ways with Love Island for the latest series in South Africa.

Flack became noticeably withdrawn from her celebrity lifestyle. She struggled to cope with a forthcoming trial on March 4.

Added to that was the fact the ex-Bo Selecta star was unable to contact Burton, Flack was clearly in a bad place.

Posting on Valentine’s Day after taking a break from her Instagram and Twitter profiles, Flack declared her love for Burton.

She then added another collage of her with French Bulldog, Ruby.

Hours later, Flack was dead.

It’s a startling reminder of how delicate life can be, and that those who are struggling need someone to reach out.

Boxing wasted no time showing their sorrow over Flack, with former Islander Tommy Fury revealing his heartbreak over her shock passing.

“I don’t know what it’s going to take to make the world realise what words can do to someone,” said Fury. “If you have nothing nice to say, please just don’t say it.

“Something has to change. I’m so devastated, fly high Caroline… God bless.”

Former cruiserweight world champion Tony Bellew, a known opposer of any kind of social media bullying, added his thoughts.

‘The Bomber’ stated: “Really sad news about Caroline Flack. Trolls and the bosses of these types of platforms need to take a good look at themselves!

“So so sad when a young woman like that feels the only way out is taking her own life. Think before you type an insult to people you don’t know!”

Promoter Steve Goodwin hit the nail on the head with his view of the tragedy.

“It is time for every social media account to be verified and any abuse investigated and prosecuted.

“Time for anonymous keyboard warriors to be stopped,” Goodwin correctly pointed out.

Olympic gold medalist Audley Harrison, like many, laid a big portion of the blame at the door of the tabloids and online news outlets. Pointing to the ongoing situation regarding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle into the bargain.

“Caroline Flack was in pain and her capitulation was in part, due to the relentless media scrutiny that tore her apart without mercy.

“The CPS was likely the final straw, but the damage was done by media. Do you still think Harry & Megan was wrong to leave? NO WAY!”

Flack taking her own life at such a young age is sobering to anyone dealing with mental issues, just as this week’s big fight will prove in the build-up.

Tyson Fury overcame his demons, thankfully. ‘The Gypsy King’ is now one of the biggest names in the sport.

It’s all down to the support network and Fury seeking help to deal with his own media and life struggles.

So before you post any derogatory responses to celebrities on social media, please stop and think that they have feelings too.

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”Caroline Flack – 1979 – 2020.