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Home » Exclusive: Bob Arum praises Tyson Fury mentality ahead of Feb 22

Exclusive: Bob Arum praises Tyson Fury mentality ahead of Feb 22

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Tyson Fury is in the best mental place possible as ‘The Gypsy King’ prepares to undertake his biggest task next weekend in Las Vegas.

The 30-year-old lineal heavyweight champion has been praised by United States promoter Bob Arum in an exclusive interview with WBN.

Arum, a Hall of Famer with decades of experience, has plowed Fury into a stateside media frenzy in a bid to make the most out of his return with Deontay Wilder.

The ploy has certainly worked. Fury is now highly-known across the Atlantic and has a legion of followers to his unique story.

Even better for Fury is the fact US audiences have taken to the Morecombe-based puncher as one of their own, as Arum pointed out exclusively to World Boxing News.

“Wilder has been on the scene for a long time, people know him. Fury did his reputation a great service by doing these two fights after the first fight. He had vast audiences watching him in the United States and a lot of commotion.

“Now, he’s accepted, almost like an American fighter. Nobody refers to Fury as the Brit or nothing like that. He’s just seen as an American (type) guy who is very entertaining,” stated the 88-year-old legend.

Asked whether the extra workload has had any effect on the 6ft 9ins technician, who has been diagnosed with bi-polar, Arum said Fury was in the best place possible.

“Tyson is superbly confident. Everybody around him has noticed his mental state,” he revealed.

“The days I’ve watched him spar, about twice a week, he’s looked great. People in his camp just rave about his conditioning, his nutrition, and his mental attitude.

“He was up in the office this week with me. I spent some time with him. He was dancing around and everything. Believe me. He’s super, super confident.”


With just days to go until fight week festivities kick off, Fury remains a wafer-thin favorite with the Vegas bookmakers.

Threats of ‘lasting for 36 minutes’ still ring in his ears as predictions of a second-round stoppage haven’t been taken seriously.

One this is for sure, a draw is in neither fighter’s thoughts as the clock ticks down to the first bell.

Phil Jay is the Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay