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Home » Tyson Fury clock-watch, has 36 mins to avoid me – Deontay Wilder

Tyson Fury clock-watch, has 36 mins to avoid me – Deontay Wilder

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Deontay Wilder is well aware Tyson Fury will be bidding to keep away from his power punches for the duration, despite the fact the challenger is eyeing a KO.

‘The Bronze Bomber’ puts his WBC Heavyweight title on the line next weekend in Las Vegas knowing a win pushes him way out in front at the number one in the division.

Fury has predicted a two-round stunner at the MGM Grand. More realistically, Wilder believes Fury will be on his bike for twelve rounds.

Deontay Wilder

“We’re both able to enjoy what we do day after day. Because when the bell rings, anything can happen,” pointed out Wilder.

“Fighting a guy like Fury, you have to be careful. Time goes by so fast in the ring. You’re trying to do everything that you prepared for.

“With what he brings to the table with his boxing skills, you have to have some awareness of the clock. But with my power, it’s his job to really watch the clock and try to avoid me for 36 minutes.”

On attempting to re-open Fury’s horror cut suffered against Otto Wallin, Wilder added: “Everything on his body is a target, not just his cut.

“Everything that is permissible for me to hit, I’m going to hit it. We can play around here today, but we’re going to have that killer mentality in the ring.”


Asked about Fury switching trainers, Wilder replied: “When you fight someone like me, it’s a mistake to tinker around with your training camp.

“I’m unpredictable in that ring. When you have too many opinions and too many people who think they have the remedy, it usually backfires.

“I think this win will be more special than the others. Because of the history that we have, with that controversial draw.

“I consider Tyson a brother of this era, especially in the heavyweight division. The other fighters don’t want to let themselves loose and have fun.

“We both have to come in like we did the first fight, with our hearts on our sleeves and the warrior mentality that we always bring.

“When you get to this point, the scenery itself makes for a great fight. We all know when I come to fight, I don’t play around.”