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Home » Mayweather vs Khabib / Pacquiao vs McGregor co-feature – winners meet?

Mayweather vs Khabib / Pacquiao vs McGregor co-feature – winners meet?

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Picture this, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao lining up together to open the new Las Vegas Allegiant Stadium in August or September of 2020.

Sound like a pipe dream? – Well, actually, there’s a pretty good chance a massive double-header could happen.

The notion comes from Mayweather admitting recently he was open to the idea of battling Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor on the same day.

Pacquiao vs McGregor

Mayweather had already been linked to both UFC stars. Whilst Pacquiao has now signed for McGregor’s management company.

As WBN pointed out earlier this week, something BIG is brewing between Mayweather and McGregor.

Therefore, with McGregor and Pacquiao clearly open to a collision, what price Mayweather being pitted against Khabib on the same card?

A potential Pay-Per-View price of $250 has already been slated by the ‘Money’ man for any event featuring two crossover super-fights. Something which means all four could bag at least an eight-figure check.

Add to that tournament-style semi-finals, with the winners meeting later in 2020 or in earlier 2021. It really would be a MEGA-SHOW.


All points to Mayweather vs Pacquiao 2. And if you threw in McGregor vs Khabib 2 as co-main-event – either in a cage or a ring, there’s half a billion and more to be made between the high-profile quartet.

Mayweather must have had those numbers crunched. He usually does. And it adds up to kerching for all concerned due to the nature of the event.

The New Las Vegas Raiders arena is set to open this summer. It can seat 65,000 expandable to 72,000.

Near to the famous Nevada strip, it makes for a perfect venue for an event of this magnitude.

Las Vegas Stadium

It’s no secret that Mayweather and McGregor want in on the action once the venue opens. Furthermore, Khabib and Pacquiao are more than willing participants.

The idea is a gigantic proposition, and if Mayweather hasn’t thought about it yet, it would be a humungous surprise.

All four are continually paired in the headlines. All four are yet to line up any sort of return to action. And all four would certainly be foolish to allow this kind of occasion pass them by.

Watch this space. Above all, keep your fingers crossed.