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Klitschko adamant he’ll only return to break George Foreman’s record

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Former unified and three-time heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko was once again adamant regarding a comeback to the sport.

Every time ‘Dr. Steelhammer’ conducts a media obligation since his 2017 retirement, the 43-year-old is asked the same question.

This was also the case in a video interview with The National at the Milken Institute Summit Middle East and Africa Summit in Abu Dhabi recently.

Klitschko was talking, among other things, about the forthcoming heavyweight blockbuster between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury.

The Ukrainian was then asked if he’d consider a return after turning down a three-fight deal with DAZN last year.


Clearly a bit miffed by the constant poking, Klitschko stated: “Are you digging in? Every person’s asking me, ‘When are you gonna be back? When are you gonna be back?’”

Continuing on his desire to overhaul George Foreman’s long-standing oldest heavyweight champion mark, Klitschko told The National: “If I’m going to be back, I’m not going to be back to break a jaw, I’ll be back to break a record.

“One more time? – There are no plans to be coming back. I’m busy with my life. Everything else. So let’s see what’s going to happen,” added the top division legend.

Fights with Wilder, Fury and Joshua were all mentioned as Klitschko mulled over an eight-figure contract offer from the streaming service in 2019.

It seemed a long shot at the time and still does. But with his 44th birthday around the corner (March 25th), Klitschko doesn’t have too long to wait.

Foreman was 45 years and 360 days when he took out the much-younger Michael Moorer during his second reign at the helm. Therefore, Klitschko probably has until the end of this year to shake off the cobwebs.

A warm-up against a fighter hovering around the top fifteen rankings could then lead the veteran into something bigger in 2021.

Facing one of the title-holders at the time would then have to be in place by his 46th birthday in 2022. By that time, Klitschko would maybe have to target the lesser-recognized WBA ‘Regular’ title.

Should the likes of Wilder or Fury be at the helm, it would certainly be too big a mountain for Klitschko to climb.